Wyn Millions Main Event Champion Is Michael Rossitto.

Those who bought into the Wynn Millions discovered a drastically different Main Event. The membership fee will drop from $10,000 to $3,500 in 2023. There was a big drop in the guaranteed amount from $10,000,000 to $3,000,000.

Notwithstanding the adjustments, 1,314 competitors made the trip to Las Vegas for the tournament. After nine days of intense competition, Michael Rossito emerged victorious. The Italian’s winnings of $604,637 were the most he had ever received in a single payment.

With the sixth highest stack, Rossitto made it to the final table. He started causing problems for the leads at the 6-handed table, and he never stopped. The European went all in before the flip and won against Jacob Powers’ A-6, eliminating him.

The next man to fall prey to the champion was the Spanishman Pedro Ingles. Again, he went all in before the flip and won, this time with A-K against A-J.

Rossitto got an out on the board to send Mark Zajdner home on a coin toss of A-K vs J-J. Despite his 2:0 advantage, he barely survived to the tournament’s last round of eliminations.

Rossitto led off with 86 and merely checked before a limp after recovering the lead and pulling away from Esposito. Esposito bet before calling Rossitto’s check-raise after the flip of K75. Esposito check-called a c-bet from Rossitto on the turn 4. The action moved to the river, where Rossitto finally declared all-in. Esposito deliberated for so long that he failed to answer the hero call with 97.

This time around, $4,171,950 was split up in the Main Event. Check out the winnings of each finalist:

1st place: $604,637, Italy’s Michael Rossitto

Second place, $480,752: American Andrew Esposito

Third place: $294,540, Mark Zajdner (Canada).

$208,598 #4 Pedro Ingles (Spain)

Five: $154,279 (USA) Zachary Donovan

$120,361 6th Place: Jacob Powers, USA

96,706th: Canada’s Zhigang Yang, No. 7.

(US) $80,310 Lawsuit Filed Against Kharlin

$67,765 9th Place: Cliff Ziff (USA)

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  • This text provides details about the recent Wynn Millions Main Event, including the lowered membership fee and guaranteed prize amount. It highlights Michael Rossito’s victory and his earnings of $604,637, along with the noteworthy eliminations he made during the tournament.

  • This text provides an overview of the Wynn Millions poker tournament, highlighting key details such as the reduced membership fee and guaranteed amount, the number of competitors, and the ultimate winner, Michael Rossitto, who earned his highest-ever single payment. It also mentions the other finalists and their winnings.

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