Wyn Millions Main Event Champion Is Michael Rossitto.

Those who bought into the Wynn Millions discovered a drastically different Main Event. The membership fee will drop from $10,000 to $3,500 in 2023. There was a big drop in the guaranteed amount from $10,000,000 to $3,000,000.

Notwithstanding the adjustments, 1,314 competitors made the trip to Las Vegas for the tournament. After nine days of intense competition, Michael Rossito emerged victorious. The Italian’s winnings of $604,637 were the most he had ever received in a single payment.

With the sixth highest stack, Rossitto made it to the final table. He started causing problems for the leads at the 6-handed table, and he never stopped. The European went all in before the flip and won against Jacob Powers’ A-6, eliminating him.

The next man to fall prey to the champion was the Spanishman Pedro Ingles. Again, he went all in before the flip and won, this time with A-K against A-J.

Rossitto got an out on the board to send Mark Zajdner home on a coin toss of A-K vs J-J. Despite his 2:0 advantage, he barely survived to the tournament’s last round of eliminations.

Rossitto led off with 86 and merely checked before a limp after recovering the lead and pulling away from Esposito. Esposito bet before calling Rossitto’s check-raise after the flip of K75. Esposito check-called a c-bet from Rossitto on the turn 4. The action moved to the river, where Rossitto finally declared all-in. Esposito deliberated for so long that he failed to answer the hero call with 97.

This time around, $4,171,950 was split up in the Main Event. Check out the winnings of each finalist:

1st place: $604,637, Italy’s Michael Rossitto

Second place, $480,752: American Andrew Esposito

Third place: $294,540, Mark Zajdner (Canada).

$208,598 #4 Pedro Ingles (Spain)

Five: $154,279 (USA) Zachary Donovan

$120,361 6th Place: Jacob Powers, USA

96,706th: Canada’s Zhigang Yang, No. 7.

(US) $80,310 Lawsuit Filed Against Kharlin

$67,765 9th Place: Cliff Ziff (USA)

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