Seven Degrees of Separation Joke, narrated by Rafael Moraes

Rafael Moraes used a famous person as a springboar...

The “7 Degrees of Separation Hypothesis” meme has been trending on Twitter over the past few days. It is based on research originally conducted by American psychologist Stanley Milgram, who hypothesized that any two people in the world could be connected through up to seven mutual friends.

Of course, the joke eventually got to one of the many poker players who used the site. Rafael Moraes (better known by his PokerStars name “GM VALTER”) is the team’s professional player.

Most importantly, Eder Ferronato believes KSOP GGPoker will be a game changer in bringing people back to downtown Iguas for future events.

Raphael is always there to have a great time and has won a lot of money betting with André Akkari before, such as dressing up as a gorilla for 2018 Annual BSOP Millions Contest. Andre’s PokerStars image was created based on this happy photo for a long time.

As a new joke In one part, he reflected on his 2018 bet loss to Andre Akari and compared his friend to the King Kong monster. In part one, we learned about the bond between Neymar and Akari.

I couldn’t help but chime in: “The seven-way handshake rule: @aakkari and connect.” King Kong. ”

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Date : February 27, 2023 Source: Rafael Moraes (@RafaelMoraesGM)

Rafael offers the following theoretical explanation for the Akkari-Gorilla connection:

First of all, it is known that @aakkari and @neymarjr are close friends.

Worth watching and seeing what Will Smith and @neymarjr discovered after exchanging angry surprise thoughts.

Will Smith stars as “Pistoleiro” for the third time in “Suicide Squad,” appearing alongside Margot Robbie’s legendary Harlequin character.

Fourth, Ewan McGregor plays a supporting role in the movie “Birds of Prey” starring Harlequin.

5 – Movies Mission: Impossible stars Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts in one of their most famous collaborations.

Sixth, Naomi Watts and King Kong were spotted on the set of the 2005 The Great Girlfriend movie.

So @aakkari’s gorilla is related to this one in the seventh sentence.

Andre Akkari and Kai Both Kelvin Kerber responded positively to this humor and laughed out loud. Rafael Moraes is not only an outstanding athlete and representative of sports, but also a genius Innovator, aren’t you? I wonder if you understand the humor.

André Akkari

Andre Akari

Rafael Moraes used a famous person as a springboar...

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  • This text seems to be a combination of different topics that are unrelated to each other, ranging from the 7 Degrees of Separation Hypothesis to poker players and gaming events. It lacks coherence and clarity in its message.

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    This text starts by discussing the trending “7 Degrees of Separation Hypothesis” meme on Twitter, which is based on Stanley Milgram’s research. It then abruptly shifts to talking about a professional poker player named Rafael Moraes and his involvement with KSOP GGPoker. The connection between these two topics is unclear and the mention of other poker players seems irrelevant and disconnected.

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