Pro poker player Romain Lewis takes us back to the World Series of Poker.

Pro’s retrospective look at the World Series of Poker Lewis, Romain

The Frenchman is featured on “In the Mind of a Pro” and is now competing in a US$3,000 NLH event.

Winamax’s In the Mind of a Pro crew is prepared to film all the action from this year’s WSOP (WSOP). This year’s production highlights include the biggest poker festival in the world.

Even though this year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) has new rules and regulations, it is still the poker world’s most talked-about tournament. The In the Mind of a Pro team picks up exactly where they left off four months later, with the complete Winamax squad vying for the coveted bracelets in Las Vegas, thanks to the expedited timetable of the 2021 autumn tournaments in the United States and the summer venue refurbishment.

With the elimination of fellow Team Winamax member Francois Pirault, Romain Lewis now has the opportunity to compete for the $3,000 Freezout bracelet. This week’s episode of In the Mind of a Pro highlighted Pirault’s first final table in a $3,000 Freezout tournament. Now it’s Lewis’s time; he had a tremendous WSOP performance in 2017 and won a bracelet in a $10,000 Super Turbo Bounty event.

Lewis is a seasoned player who has won almost $3.3 million in live tournaments. Despite his impressive palmares, this WSOP 2021 showdown will not be a walk in the park for him. Will he be able to make it?

The World Series of Poker is held at Caesars, and the staff there has always made it simple for the In the Mind of a Pro crew to do their work and film the most thrilling moments of the game. The crew is prepared to record the heightened drama and breathtaking scenery of this year’s WSOP. Poker aficionados can anticipate a whole new level of excitement thanks to the introduction of exciting new settings, processes, and traditions.

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  • This text discusses the upcoming World Series of Poker and the participation of French poker player Romain Lewis, who will be competing in a $3,000 NLH event. The In the Mind of a Pro crew, from Winamax, will be filming the tournament and capturing the exciting moments of the game.

  • This text discusses Romain Lewis, a French poker player, who is featured in the documentary series “In the Mind of a Pro” and is competing in a $3,000 NLH event at the World Series of Poker. It highlights the anticipation for this year’s WSOP and the new elements that will contribute to an exciting tournament experience.

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