Poll: Is AI a threat to poker?

To what extent do you think AI will threaten poker in the future?

The results of a recent poll on Artificial Intelligence (AI) show that opinions on the topic are becoming more and more divisive among industry participants.

It seems that the poker business has always had access to cutting-edge technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the topic of heated discussion among a sector with divergent views for some time.

With the introduction of the so-called solvers, who are really just artificial intelligence, players have been on opposite sides of the debate about whether or not it is good for the game.

A recent poll by Legal US Poker, which contacted numerous specialists, found that 50% of respondents perceive Artificial Intelligence as a genuine danger to the poker industry, demonstrating the players’ intense focus on the developments.

The poll also uncovered the following data:

Almost 37% of gamers agree that playing versus a computerized opponent is both fun and beneficial.

To improve their game, more than 20% of gamers have turned to ChatGPT.

81% of expert gamers are facing off against computer opponents.

45% of players say that solvers motivate them to improve.

Around 20% of people have used this technology to cheat.

A total of 1,019 poker players with three years of experience or more were polled for this initiative. There were 67% males and 33% females. Below is a breakdown of generations: There are 41% members of Gen Z, 34% of millennials, 18% of Gen Xers, and 7% of baby boomers.

They concluded that AI has the ability to assist users better games, but also has the potential to be exploited for cheating, which would have a detrimental impact on the experience as a whole. It will be fascinating to see the future development and effects of the controversial employment of AI bots in online poker.


  • The text presents a divisive opinion on the impact of AI on the poker industry, with 50% of respondents perceiving AI as a genuine threat. While some players find playing against AI opponents fun and beneficial, there are concerns about the potential for cheating and detrimental effects on the overall poker experience.

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