Poker and kidnapping: Daniel Negreanu’s curious story at a bank

The strange tale of Daniel Negreanu’s abduction from a bank while playing poker

An amusing story about KidPoker and Jennifer Harman has been making waves and people are laughing their heads off online.

Jennifer Harman, a famous poker player, recently recounted a humorous anecdote she had with poker great Daniel Negreanu on Twitter. The two-bracelet holder at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) reflected on her odd experience with KidPoker when she was just starting out.

The story takes place when the two players were young and needed to withdraw funds from a bank to pay for tournament fees. After taking the player away from Dneg, mint workers questioned her whereabouts and whether she was being abducted by Negreanu, to which Harman joked that she could easily defeat the Canadian since he only weighed 59 kg.

One of the best players in the world is Harman.

The poker community had a good time with the humorous narrative that Harman shared. While responding casually, Negreanu remarked on his then-slender frame and joked that he might have been a bank robber in the Old West.

Jennifer Harman has been a regular at the WSOP since 1996, making her one of the most known players in the game. She has won many major awards at various tournaments and events, including two bracelets in 2000 and 2002. For instance, he finished in the runner-up spot in a Las Vegas tournament that cost $10,200 in 2005, earning him $383,840.

Harman and Negreanu have built their followings because to their willingness to open up and relate personal stories. The Canadian recently shared a picture from 1997, in which he is shown clutching the trophy he won in his second ever event, a $100 buy-in Limit Hold’em tournament. The two athletes’ humorous back-and-forth demonstrates that they have a wonderful sense of humor and love to share lighthearted moments with their fan bases.

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