Ole Schemion joins prestigious club of five-time GGGMillion$ winners

Ole Schemion joins prestigious club of five-time G...

GGPoker Streaming Channel has once again crafted a presentation of Asia’s flagship tournament GGMillion$.

The main attraction this week is the gathering of many important figures from the history of the game’s tournament. Niklas Astedt, who represents the trio that has been joint-first in the tournament’s biggest titles for the longest time with five wins; one who wants to join as Ole Schemion The group’s candidates, of which there are four, are as well as the current rulers of the high roller scene, such as Matthew Stumpf, Jans Arends or Samuel Mullur himself, winner of the premiere live version of WSOP Paradise.

A A’s lavish field of 166 entrants once again fell well short of the tournament’s guaranteed $1 million mark.

Jeff Platt, who was nominated for the Global Poker Awards’ Best Commentator, is supplemented this time with his narration being voiced by two-time WSOP and WPT Champion Jared Jaffee.

Alternatively, you might prefer the in-house production of GGPoker related player Steve Enriquez, who was created by Alberto Perez “Catof” Support is provided on the microphone.

Plesuv has a tough record heading into the 2023 GGMillion$ season. His account held a 59% ITM in the $10,300 tournament.

The best hand of the night was played while the table was still full, with chip leaders Stumpf and Schemion looking on. In a hand where the big stack moved cleanly to the cutoff, Niklas Astedt opened with KK, Damir Zhugralin raised with AA and Andrii Derzhypilskyi pushed with TT.

said eliminated title contender Niklas Astedt, who played a nice king hand and covered Zhugrain.

Also eye-catching were the hands where Ole Schemion and Matthew Stumpf went all-out on the flop ,Samuel Mueller stole the out from the hands of the Canadian flag runner. Wizo dominated QQ against two AK combos, taking 60% of the chips in the game.

The German proved right those who believed that a triple all-in would ultimately decide the outcome of the game, but that was not the case. Let any of them in. One of his opponents even got into fold range before the game was over.

Ole Schemion joins prestigious club of five-time G...


  • This text provides a detailed overview of the GGMillion$ tournament, highlighting key players and moments from the event. It showcases the talent and competitiveness in the high stakes poker scene, making it an exciting read for fans of the game.

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