Isaac Haxton Cracks WSOP High Roller, Wins First Bracelet and Earns $1.6M

Isaac Haxton Cracks WSOP High Roller, Wins First B...

Isaac Haxton, the high roller champion of nearly every online and live event, smashed the ranks in the WSOP’s high buy-in tournament. Shortly after the tournament started, he took the stage in Event 16: $25,000 8 Hands of No-Limit Hold’em. The 37-year-old pro has $1,698,215 in his bankroll after beating 301 entrants.

Haxton experienced strong emotions during his three-man match against Darren Elias. The biggest WPT winner is also looking for his first bracelet, nearly knocking out Haxton twice.

Elias had the biggest stack and made a min-raise before calling Haxton’s 3-bet all-in. With 7 7 ♠ against A ♦ J ♠, Elias met ♥J ♥ 4 ♥ 6 ♦ 5 on the board and dropped to last place.

Shortly thereafter, Elias had to call his man out. On a board of A♥9♥6CheckJ♣, he pushed his chips into the middle of the table and was called by Haxton with A♣K♣. Leading with K♥6♥, Elias was rescued by the 6♣ river.

Taking the lead again, Elias immediately called Haxton’s 3-bet all-in for A♦J♠. With 8♥7♥, the former PokerStars Online team found 7♣ on the turn and doubled up again.

Elias held on for a short while, but fell far behind his opponent. Another all-in preflop gave him the worst possible result with A♣J♥ against Ryan O’Donnell’s K♠J♠.

Although the two sides were balanced early in the showdown, the heads-up didn’t last long. long. O’Donnell came clean on the final hit and then called Haxton all-in. The Brit already saw one of his outs on the flop of 10♣3♥3 when A 10♥ played against A♣J♠. The Q of the round confirmed O’Donnell’s lead, but the river J ♦ settled Haxton’s pot.

Event 16 paid out more than $6,204,000 in prize money. See how much each finalist won:

1. Isaac Haxton (USA) $1,698,215

2. Ryan O’Donnell (UK) $1,049,577

3. Darren Elias (USA) $725,790

4. Lewis Spencer (UK) $511,782

5. Roman Hrabek (Czech Republic) $368,134

6. Frank Funaro (USA) $270,238

7. Brian Rast (USA) 202,532

8. Joao Vieira (Portugal) $155,037

Isaac Haxton Cracks WSOP High Roller, Wins First B...

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  • This text highlights Isaac Haxton’s impressive performance at the WSOP high buy-in tournament, where he emerged as the champion and won a significant prize. It also mentions the strong emotions experienced during his matches against Darren Elias, showcasing the competitive nature of the event.

  • Isaac Haxton had a successful run in the WSOPs high buy-in tournament, coming out as the champion and winning over $1.6 million in prize money. Darren Elias put up a strong fight but ultimately fell short, finishing in third place.

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