Have fun or leave everything on the table? This is the conundrum

Have fun or leave everything on the table? This is the conundrum

Spending an excessive amount of time at the tables, studying, or socializing can directly undermine your poker objectives.

Appreciate or leave everything on the table? This is the conundrum

The ability to find the ideal balance between playing at the tables, researching away from the tables, and leisure time away from the cards is one of the most difficult tasks for poker players.

Depending on the professional’s profile and objectives, one side of the equation may be given greater weight while the other two are entirely ignored. There are those who believe that the secret to success lies in the number of hands reviewed, while others believe that a decent rest and disconnection are essential.

Professional player and coach José Mara JMBigJoe Jiménez addresses this issue in his most recent video, given that all players typically go through these three periods. Possibly, at the beginning of their careers, they become fixated with the game before realizing the importance of study; once they have reached the desired level, they can allow themselves more leisure time.

The Spaniard affirms that he now values quality of life over EV+ and that he views poker as an elite sport in which body and mind must be cared for accordingly.

The schedule is another aspect that is highlighted by JMBigJoe. Depending on the country you are in or the online room in which you play, there may be more traffic or recreational players in a casino at night, which can have a direct impact on your sleep. Even if you are able to sleep during the day, your biological schedule reduces the quality of your sleep.

After so many years devoted to poker, finish viewing the video to gain additional insights as well as some advice based on his personal experience.

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  • Itzel.mitchell

    This text discusses the dilemma of finding a balance between playing poker, studying the game, and finding leisure time. The author highlights the importance of prioritizing quality of life and taking care of one’s body and mind as essential for success in poker. They also mention that the schedule and sleep patterns can have an impact on a player’s performance.

  • Anderson.wunsch

    The text discusses the challenge of finding the right balance between playing poker, studying, and leisure time for poker players. The author highlights the importance of rest and disconnection and emphasizes that quality of life should be valued over monetary success. Additionally, the schedule and impact on sleep are mentioned as important factors to consider in poker playing.

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