Guerra came back to the party and caused a Barbero Nacho

After the party, Guerra came back to see the effects Barbero Nacho

After his victory in Event #7 of the PGT PLO, the Spaniard dethroned the Argentinian as the series’ overall leader.

Guerra’s big-league comeback had an impact on Nacho Barbero.

Once again, it was Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo. The Spaniard won Event #7: $15,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty, bringing his total winnings from the inaugural Poker Go Tour PLO Series to US$303,000. He also received 15 bounties for an additional $75,000.

Before Friday, Nacho Barbero had been at the top of the list, but now Cabrerizo has taken over and is in excellent position to win the PGT Trophy and the $25,000 championship award. Event #5 was won by Guerra Cabrerizo, who collected $220,400 as his prize money.

Nacho comes in at number two.

How Guerra came out on top

There were 114 participants, and the top 17 finishers split a prize fund of $1,140,000. Cabrerizo and Isaac Kempton, who finished second, played a pivotal hand with 11 players left. Kempton opted to go “bounty hunting” when the short-stacked Damjan Radanov moved all of his chips into the middle of the table with Guerra Cabrerizo already there. When Cabrerizo had a pair of aces and decided to stake his large stack, he amassed a massive advantage.

From that point on, Cabrerizo reigned as the chip leader until the last heads-up showdown with Kempton, when the latter briefly took the lead before being eliminated by the champion’s straight and the American’s three of a kind. Just Hispanic player Johann Ibáez finished in the money, placing fifth with $85,500.

PLO Event #8: $25,000 Event #9, a $2,200 5-Card PLO, will wrap off the tournament on Sunday after Saturday’s championship round.


U.S. $228,000 for first place, Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo U.S. $171,000 for Isaac Kempton

U.S.$125,400 (3rd) Alex Foxen

Jesse Chinni, 4th Place, US$102,600

Five US$85.500 for Johann Ibanez Diaz

Sixth Place: Isaac Haxton $68.400

$7.000.000 Robert Cowen

Eighth Place: Yuval Bronshtein, $45,600

Number Nine: Michael Wang, $45,600

Tenth-Rated Jonas Kronwitter, $34,200

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