Guerra came back to the party and caused a Barbero Nacho

After the party, Guerra came back to see the effects Barbero Nacho

After his victory in Event #7 of the PGT PLO, the Spaniard dethroned the Argentinian as the series’ overall leader.

Guerra’s big-league comeback had an impact on Nacho Barbero.

Once again, it was Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo. The Spaniard won Event #7: $15,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty, bringing his total winnings from the inaugural Poker Go Tour PLO Series to US$303,000. He also received 15 bounties for an additional $75,000.

Before Friday, Nacho Barbero had been at the top of the list, but now Cabrerizo has taken over and is in excellent position to win the PGT Trophy and the $25,000 championship award. Event #5 was won by Guerra Cabrerizo, who collected $220,400 as his prize money.

Nacho comes in at number two.

How Guerra came out on top

There were 114 participants, and the top 17 finishers split a prize fund of $1,140,000. Cabrerizo and Isaac Kempton, who finished second, played a pivotal hand with 11 players left. Kempton opted to go “bounty hunting” when the short-stacked Damjan Radanov moved all of his chips into the middle of the table with Guerra Cabrerizo already there. When Cabrerizo had a pair of aces and decided to stake his large stack, he amassed a massive advantage.

From that point on, Cabrerizo reigned as the chip leader until the last heads-up showdown with Kempton, when the latter briefly took the lead before being eliminated by the champion’s straight and the American’s three of a kind. Just Hispanic player Johann Ibáez finished in the money, placing fifth with $85,500.

PLO Event #8: $25,000 Event #9, a $2,200 5-Card PLO, will wrap off the tournament on Sunday after Saturday’s championship round.


U.S. $228,000 for first place, Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo U.S. $171,000 for Isaac Kempton

U.S.$125,400 (3rd) Alex Foxen

Jesse Chinni, 4th Place, US$102,600

Five US$85.500 for Johann Ibanez Diaz

Sixth Place: Isaac Haxton $68.400

$7.000.000 Robert Cowen

Eighth Place: Yuval Bronshtein, $45,600

Number Nine: Michael Wang, $45,600

Tenth-Rated Jonas Kronwitter, $34,200

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  • Frieda.bechtelar

    This text is reporting on Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo’s victory in Event #7 of the PGT PLO series, which has allowed him to surpass Nacho Barbero as the overall leader. The text provides details on the tournament, including the prize amounts and the key hands played by the players.

  • The text provides information about Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo’s victory in Event #7 of the PGT PLO series, which allowed him to surpass Nacho Barbero as the overall leader in the series. The text also highlights the key hand between Cabrerizo and Isaac Kempton, where Cabrerizo’s pair of aces helped him secure a massive advantage and eventually become the chip leader.

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