Grinder Report: The Full Impact of Virtual Wiping

Our grinder has once again made its mark in the most important tournament in the virtual arena. Whether it’s in the series or in the day-to-day games, our players are there and doing well.

Miguel Miguel ball9 Ball won Hot 22 for $2,109 PKO. Same thing happened to CaLLMeWithKKK he did in Hot 109 PKO Same thing and won $2,781. In turn, grinder xXAlemaoXx won the Big 22 for $1,261.

Also champion, but in 11 Mini Monday 6-Max, ramabranch(cover photo), who finished second in the High Roller Bounty Warmup $840 for $4,900 bonus.

Other Awards:

  • Carlos lfn222 Lafón: 100-M 3rd Place: No. 30 $ Monday Bounty Magic ($5,029).
  • Sploit: 3rd place GGMasters bounty warm up $840 ($3,361)
  • reymaurosv : Daily Marathon $30 strong>(US$2,149) Runner Up
  • Paco CUL8erLuZr Ñique: Bounty Builder 82 Third Place ($1,158)

Comments (2)

  • This text conveys positive feedback about the performance of the grinder players in a virtual tournament. It mentions specific players who have won significant amounts of money in various games, highlighting their success. Overall, it appears that the text is celebrating the achievements of these players in the virtual gaming arena.

  • This text highlights the success of their grinder in various virtual tournaments, with players like Miguel Miguel ball9 Ball and CaLLMeWithKKK winning significant amounts of money. Additionally, grinder xXAlemaoXx and ramabranch were also successful in winning tournaments.

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