gnev kazaha scores huge double online title after winning Battle Royale and Winamax HighRoller

Yesterdayregular game is the focus of Winamax .fres. On the day, the 25 contest ended with a 5-figure jackpot for €659,000.

gnev kazaha” is the big winner, the star of the day, he produced a spectacular by winning 200 euros Battle Royale(10€) , won the online double crown 887.86) and 250€High Roller (12 €,231,62).

(€9,742) prize. ).

In terms of prize pool, sixtournaments exceed the€30,000 jackpot :

  • Mystery KO €50 (€34,000).
  • Battle Royale €200 (€66,000).
  • €20 after hours (€39,000).
  • Mystery KO €10 (€37,000).
  • Golden Hour €50 (€70,000).
  • High Roller €250 (€51,000).

These are the detailed results of tournaments with a jackpot of over €10,000 for that day.

A new day of regular competition today awaits us .

Responsible Gambling. Online poker rooms have various systems in place to encourage responsible gaming (such as self-exclusion or deposit limits).

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  • The text discusses the recent success of a player named gnev kazaha in a Winamax poker game, where they won several tournaments and a significant jackpot. The text also mentions the responsible gambling practices implemented by online poker rooms.

  • Lorenz.satterfield

    This text highlights the success of the Winamax .fres regular game, with a big winner earning a 5-figure jackpot of €659,000. The text also mentions other tournaments with significant prize pools exceeding €30,000 and emphasizes the importance of responsible gambling in online poker rooms.

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