Farrugio wins big in Winamax Series 6-Max tournament

Farrugio wins big in Winamax Series 6-Max tourname...

No. 5 of the Winamax Series took place yesterday at Winamax. Twenty-one b>MTT Festival has ended and the 1.5 million Euro prize money has been paid. In addition, there were nine regular tournaments with pots over €10,000, with a further €141,000 paid out. Farrugio, the protagonist of the day in the Winamax series

“Farrugio” was the big protagonist of the day, winning the biggest tournament, the WinamaxSeries – 109 : €250NLHE – 6 Max – Champion and wins the biggest prize of the day: €32 ,811.77 .

Two more winners won over €20,000:

  • “M.Anttonen” won Winamax Series-88: 250 € NLHE 6-Max Monster StackChampion and receive a prize of 29.476.46€ home.
  • and ICQ_problems , who won WSE-107: 50 € NLHE – 6 Max – Monster Stack received 20 € ,619.42 bonus.

Four further winners won prizes worth over €10,000.

Maximum Prize Pool

For Prize Pool, 6 Tournament exceeds €100,000 Jackpot:

  1. WSE-89 (€141,000).
  2. WSE-92 (€111,000).
  3. WSE-102 (€155,000).
  4. WSE-105 (€123,000).
  5. WSE-105 (€123,000).
  6. WSE-107 (€115,000).
  7. WSE-109 (€161,000).

Farrugio wins big in Winamax Series 6-Max tourname...

Comments (2)

  • This text seems to be reporting on the recent No. 5 tournament of the Winamax Series, which concluded with a total prize money of 1.5 million Euros. Farrugio emerged as the day’s standout player, winning the biggest tournament and earning a prize of €32,811.77.

  • The text provides information about the recent Winamax Series event, highlighting the winners and the prize money distributed. It also mentions several tournaments with large prize pools exceeding €100,000.

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