Ethan Yau exposes $450,000 scam

Ethan Yau exposes 'investment guru' $450,000 scam,...

Ethan Yau, “RampagePoker,” is used to playing big money in high-stakes tournaments and cash games. He is a real phenomenon with over 250,000 followers on his YouTube channel and other social networks. Because the stakes are high, Ethan always faces the risk of winning and losing money when playing poker.

A win at Rampage brought him a lot of joy, but in the end it brought him a lot of sadness. When he won the $25,000 Wynn High Roller and raised $894,000, Dustin Aab, an influencer with a consulting firm and 1.4 million Instagram followers, approached Ethan with an investment opportunity.

Rampage takes about $450,000 and leased it to Dustin Aab. Since then, however, he hasn’t even received an installment payment, which is now more than five months overdue. With only one month left on his contract, Ethan decided to announce the news to alert the entire community.

“I’m tired of this silence. Details of the call: Dustin Aab has drawn down a personal loan from me and owes me over $450,000. Installments / per Monthly payments have not been paid for 5 months and we have 1 month remaining on our contract. I can’t say this person is trustworthy, more details coming soon,” he said on his Twitter account.

Ethan is furious over the printouts and recordings, including the exchange of messages with Dustin Abramovich. During a conversation between the two, Rampage asked Dustin about the reason for the ban, calling him “immature” because he didn’t want to settle the dispute. Dustin sent a reply via audio, which read:

“Hey, I’m not holding you back, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if you want to take this.” Get on social media, like me Seen in your stories and started calling me a liar. I’ll show you the imposter, man. Take my word for it and I’ll tell you about the imposter. Do you want to start playing and unravel this game? “I can’t wait to get mad and blame myself for something bad? We can play this game, man,” Aab ​​said.

Several popular players commented on Ethan Yau’s post. One of them was Nik Airball, who revealed that Dustin tried unsuccessfully to “borrow” $1 million. Tony Dunst wishes Rampage good luck and supports his lawsuit against Dustin Aab. Mundo Poker will follow the story.

Ethan Yau exposes 'investment guru' $450,000 scam,...

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