Dmitry Polun – first ME RPT Yerevan champion

The Armenian capital hosted the Russian Poker Tour Series for the first time. Russia’s Dmitry Polan ($36,000) took first place in the festival’s main competition. Read about the course of the tournament and its winners in this article.

Dmitry Polun - ME RPT Yerevan Winner

Muscovites of Armenia

The move of the RPT’s Armenian stage from Tsaghkadzor to Yerevan and the confusion over ticket prices shortly before the series kicked off did not stop them from repeating their summer festival success. Most tournaments attract tight player numbers.

The $450 Russian Poker Tour Armenia Main Event, taking place at the Shangri-La Casino from October 14-18, 2022, attracted 396 participants, just 15 fewer than the July series. 46 players cashed.

Maine’s winner was Dmitry Polun from Russia. Thanks to the new payout structure, he earned a record-breaking $36,000 in tournament history.

When Alexander Mityaev from Moscow achieved the same success exactly five months ago,

This time he left the event almost immediately after the late entry on Day 2, but finished runner-up in the mini-version of the $240 Main Event for $4,450 (excluding knockouts).

Before that, the Main Event was very table

Main Event Russian Poker Tour Armenia Final Table

The final table also featured poker players from other countries. This time, Lebanon’s Shayan Safagoli represented Russia and Armenia. Although he has left the race in seventh place.

Pauloun entered the final table of the tournament with four in chips. He added another 1.6 million in chips by knocking out eighth-placed Alexey Galustyan 88-A6 preflop and hitting three sets on the flop.

In the top four, Muscovite doubled down on the pad, starting with 22NB of the small blind and called by AJ and QT. After Kirill Smirnov went out (AQ-A6), Polun was already the chip stack at the table.

Dmitry turned the tournament into heads-up mode by knocking out Artur Matevosyan (A4s-K3) after 20 minutes to stay in the game against compatriot Vahe Amiragyan.

The heads-up match lasted about half an hour and ended with A3s TQ. Arthur had a 10 on the flop, but the dealer beat an ace on the river, giving Dimitry Polun the win.

Who is Dimitri Pollan?Who is Dmitry Polan?

Dmitry Polan

The player from Russia started playing poker at the age of 18, then played online tournaments for five years and wanted to go pro. But after finishing college, he decided to keep gaming in his life just as a hobby.

He only started playing live in 2020, and in his first EAPT Altai event, he won the inaugural tournament for £805,210. Afterwards, Dmitry took part in two offline festivals, one of which he won small prizes in two championships.

This is his first RPT, and here’s what he said:

“The lineup on the show is great, lots of amateurs, room to spread. I definitely recommend taking an RPT. My tip for going from buy-in to top 1 is to play bankroll, gamble responsibly, and enjoy spending time at the table time.”

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