Bryn Kenney Wins 250K Triton London Race and Becomes Again Record Winner

Bryn Kenney Wins 250K Triton London Race and Becom...

After a very tumultuous 2022, star Bryn Kenney is back in the headlines for his poker success. At the London leg of the Triton Series, the American beat local legend Talal Shakerchi to claim the ninth event: the $250,000 NL Hold’em Luxon Invitational. The champion took home $6,860,000, while the runner-up added $4,650,000 to his bankroll.

The win puts Kenney back at the top of the live poker winning MTT leaderboard. According to a poll by Card Player magazine, he earned $65,076,756, compared with his compatriot Justin Bonomo’s $63,992,800. The closest player to this duo is Stephen Chidwick, an English grinder who has amassed $50,542,718.

Earlier last season, Kenny was accused by a former rider of cheating on his players to encourage him. According to Martin Zamani, the boss’s order was to “do what’s best for the team”.

Zamani also explained that Kenny required him and his teammates to live a very strict lifestyle. Not only did the New York player make everyone vegetarian, he even forced Zamai to meet a shaman who wanted to cut him open and apply toad venom on his wounds.

Kenny then went into isolation in 2022 to play some games. Back in live action, he picked up a Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo tournament bracelet at the WSOP after missing just one elimination.

At the Luxon Invitational, Triton fielded a total of 118 players, 91 of which were unique. Win $29,500,000 in prize money. Check out how much each finalist has received:

1. Bryn Kenney (USA) $6,860,000

2. Talal Shakerchi (UK) $4,650,000

3. Punnat Punsri (Thailand) 3,107,000

4. Aleksejs Ponakovs (Latvia) $2,540,000

5. Chris Moneymaker (USA) 2,030,000

6. Robert Frink (Sweden) $1,582,000

7. Nick Petrangelo (USA) $1,170,000

8. Kayhan Mokri (Norway) $860,000

9. James Chen (Taiwan) $680,000

Bryn Kenney Wins 250K Triton London Race and Becom...


  • This text highlights Bryn Kenney’s recent poker success and his victory at the Triton Series in London, earning him the top spot on the live poker winning MTT leaderboard. It also mentions a previous controversy involving cheating allegations and Kenny’s strict lifestyle requirements for his teammates.

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