Bill Perkins showered Antonio Esfandiari with wads of cash.

In the eighth episode of High Stakes Poker, the entrepreneur lost a $606K prize in a peculiar manner to Antonio Esfandiari.

Bill Perkins showered Antonio Esfandiari with wads of cash.

In episode 8 of season 10 of High Stakes Poker, which premiered a few hours ago on PokerGo, Antonio Esfandiari and his close friend Bill Perkins gambled for a $606,000 sum at the highest level.


Esfandiari’s profits total roughly $27 million.

In addition to the aforementioned competitors, Jennifer Tilly, Bobby Baldwin, Robert Sanchez, and Roger Sippl were also in action for the fourth consecutive week.

The high-stakes NLH table produced multiple six-figure payouts, but the next hand was the most thrilling.

In blinds of US$200/US$400 to US$400 with two straddles in between for a total pot of US$6,000, Tilly stake US$2,000 on the button with QJ, and Perkins reraises to US$10,000 with 108. The first straddle paid off with 109, and the most expensive straddle paid off for Antonio with A4.

Flop: 27J

The action was check-raised to Esfandiari holding a draft to a full house, and he decided to wager $16,000. Tilly paid with a pair of aces, and Perkins raised to $50,000 with a straight flush draw; Tilly folded.

With $500,000 in the hole, Esfandiari delayed the action for a few moments before responding with a $166,000 raise. The woman also surrendered, but Perkins, who was trailing by $280,000, decided to go all-in, which the magician called.

As if the pot were only a few dollars, both players agreed that the magnitude of the confrontation would be determined by the turn and river.

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