Barbara Akemi Wins Incredible Hand, Goes From 0 To 100 In Seconds

Get started The game of poker requires a lot of rest, focus and concentration. But sometimes it’s quite difficult to deal with the variance of the game, and it can cause real stress. But once something positive happens, every player’s mood changes instantly. Streamer Barbara Akemi, the only Brazilian winner of the Sunday Million, experienced a similar moment during one of her streams.

Barbara has been back at work in recent days and finally experienced her deck loss moment. difficult. After being eliminated from a tournament, she was reflecting with the audience while still playing GGPokers fifty-chip $55.

At this point, she got The big blind and without hesitation tripled all-in on the Dutchman “Verbrandt” and the Brazilian “MILHO” from. Immediately after, she must look for one of the Qs available in the deck.

The arrival of the flop made the Brazilians even more excited. To make matters worse, someone came on the turn and took away more of Barbara Akemi’s peace. From then on, she has only 10 points to make a straight and calls for a draw.

When she was already angry at how one of her opponents was playing and Barbara thought it wasn’t a regular card, she said she was surprised by the river with a gift. One of them gives her a chance to take out two opponents, much to the cheers of Min-mi. The moral of the story is that poker can take a person from 0 to 100 in seconds!


  • This text describes a poker player, Barbara Akemi, experiencing a range of emotions during a game. It highlights the highs and lows of poker and how quickly one’s mood can change. The moral of the story is that poker can elicit intense emotions and high levels of excitement.

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