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Bruno Volkmann ascends to the top of the $150 GGMasters podium.

Before entering Day 2 of the Super Million on the WSOP Spring Circuit, poker superstar Bruno Volkmann won the $150 GGMasters, one of GGPoker’s most prestigious tournaments. The native of Santa Catarina, who was eliminated in third place, increased his bankroll by $36,232.

Pedro Garagnani was the winner of the $1,500 Grand Prix Spring Circuit HR. Due to an agreement, he received a prize of $31,262.

Shortly thereafter, “lulabelem” eliminated 153 opponents in the $840 Sunday Bounty Warm-Up HR to win $22,490.

“Mertseger” placed fourth in another GGMasters tournament, this time with $320 and in PKO format, and won $18,947.

The grinder “dead fish” finished fourth out of 13,840 participants in the $54 Bounty Hunters MAIN EVENT, earning $17,294.

Have fun or leave everything on the table? This is the conundrum

Have fun or leave everything on the table? This is the conundrum

Spending an excessive amount of time at the tables, studying, or socializing can directly undermine your poker objectives.

Appreciate or leave everything on the table? This is the conundrum

The ability to find the ideal balance between playing at the tables, researching away from the tables, and leisure time away from the cards is one of the most difficult tasks for poker players.

Depending on the professional’s profile and objectives, one side of the equation may be given greater weight while the other two are entirely ignored. There are those who believe that the secret to success lies in the number of hands reviewed, while others believe that a decent rest and disconnection are essential.

Professional player and coach José Mara JMBigJoe Jiménez addresses this issue in his most recent video, given that all players typically go through these three periods. Possibly, at the beginning of their careers, they become fixated with the game before realizing the importance of study; once they have reached the desired level, they can allow themselves more leisure time.

The Spaniard affirms that he now values quality of life over EV+ and that he views poker as an elite sport in which body and mind must be cared for accordingly.

The schedule is another aspect that is highlighted by JMBigJoe. Depending on the country you are in or the online room in which you play, there may be more traffic or recreational players in a casino at night, which can have a direct impact on your sleep. Even if you are able to sleep during the day, your biological schedule reduces the quality of your sleep.

After so many years devoted to poker, finish viewing the video to gain additional insights as well as some advice based on his personal experience.

Serato won the inaugural Poker Monday tournament at Melincué Casino & Resort.

Serato won the initial Poker game. Monday in Melincué Casino & Resort

Alejandro inaugurated the return of the series to one of the casinos in our country that offer excellent poker action. Learn here when it will continue.

Melincué Casino & Resort is a hotspot for action. After having successfully inaugurated its brand new poker room with the Multi Day, Poker Monday returned, a traditional tournament that reopens the week in one of the region’s most prestigious establishments.

In this inaugural event in 2023, there were 51 entrants, including 24 re-entries, and more than one million pesos in prizes were awarded in a tournament won by Alejandro Serato for $350,000. José Luis Burgues, the runner-up with $225,000, and Sergio Mihoevich, the third-place finisher with $160,000, rounded out the podium.

The Monday Poker final standings

1° Alejandro Serato – $350.000

2° José Luis Burgues – $225.000

3° Sergio Mihoevich – $160.000

4° Agustín Cejas – $110.000

5° Marcelo Tiberi – $75.000

6° Jorge Salomón – $65.000

7° Joaquín Scarpino – $55.000

8° Paulo Pérez – $40.000

Last Poker Monday’s final table at Melincué Casino & Resort.

This tournament’s buy-in is $18,000, and the starting stack is 20,000 chips. Registration is open until the fourth level, and reentry is available for the same fee, $18,000, until the fourth level. The action begins every Monday at 19:30, and the blinds are 30 and 20 minutes.

The 20th and 27th Mondays of March have already been confirmed, so you can plan accordingly to avoid missing the finest poker at Melincué Casino & Resort.

Technical specifications

Poker Monday – Melincué Casino & Resort

Mondays, March 13, 20 and 27

Time: 19.30

Buy-in: $18.000

Initial array size: 20,000 (plus 5.000 for punctuality)

Return: $18,000 (until the 4th level)

Late enrollment: 4th grade

Fees: 30′ for the first four levels; 20′ thereafter

Nine bundles are provided by satellite for KSOP GGPoker Special.

The KSOP GGPoker Special at Balneário Cambori will be historically significant. With a variety of tournaments and R$15,000,000 in guaranteed prize money, the event is a chance to earn a fortune. Some players have already confirmed their presence at GGPoker via online satellites.

Already three satellites have been conducted, and their success has been phenomenal. The 22 initial guaranteed shipments grew to 38, nine of which were disseminated in Tuesday’s final satellite (14). The entry fee was $85 and there were over 190 entries.

Adrovan Rodrigues, alias “Gboro21,” from NeTTeam is one of the renowned professionals who secured their shipments. As a frequent participant in KSOP GGPoker tournaments, he will be present once more to annoy his opponents at the tables and will be seeking the $1 million prize.

The official sponsor of the KSOP is GGPoker. Create an account, compete for event spaces via satellites, and utilize the grid on the site.

In addition to him, Marcos Antunes “MAntunes,” Daniel Oliveira “dan10dopoker,” and Gustavo Goto “Zehzinho” are known qualifiers on the GGPoker platform. In addition, “Dandas,” “Juliano1506,” “sebdrinks04,” “Accountand,” and “CapDasio” qualify. Wednesday (15) at 8:00 p.m. will be the next satellite with five slots for the Main Event.

Qualifying competitors are guaranteed a R$3,500 buy-in to the Main Event, which has a guaranteed prize pool of R$5,000,000, as well as 11 nights’ accommodation at the Hotel D’Sintra for one visitor. The KSOP GGPoker Special will be held at the ExpoCentro in Balneário Cambori from April 20-30.

Examine the eleven qualifications:





Marcos Antunes “MAntunes”

Daniel Oliveira “dan10dopoker” “dan10dopoker”

Gustavo Goto “Zehzinho”

Adrovan Rodrigues “Gboro21″


Bruno Volkmann seizes the lead in the eighth event of the WSOP Spring Circuit.

Bruno Volkmann, a frequent participant in GGPoker’s most costly tournaments, made a successful début in Event 8: $800 NL Hold’em, WSOP Spring Circuit Online. In 30 15-minute levels, he amassed 5,851,354 chips, or approximately 97 large blinds, nearly doubling the total of the runner-up.

In addition to the coveted gold ring, Volkmann will receive $163,210 in the event of victory.

Forty additional participants, including six more Brazilians, have verified their attendance on the Final Day. They are Tulio “dutra n8” Dutra (6th, 2,562,432), Peter Patrcio (21st, 1,573,088), “psilocybec” (23rd, 1,341,159), “Mr nobody” (37th, 719,750), Fabiano “Philbort” Kovalski (40th, 567,711), and Neville “Lionevil” Costa (41st (41st – 212,596).

Shortly after 3 p.m. (Braslia time), play resumes with blinds of 30,000/60,000 and antes of 7,500. To date, qualifiers have acquired $4,140.

Bill Perkins showered Antonio Esfandiari with wads of cash.

In the eighth episode of High Stakes Poker, the entrepreneur lost a $606K prize in a peculiar manner to Antonio Esfandiari.

Bill Perkins showered Antonio Esfandiari with wads of cash.

In episode 8 of season 10 of High Stakes Poker, which premiered a few hours ago on PokerGo, Antonio Esfandiari and his close friend Bill Perkins gambled for a $606,000 sum at the highest level.


Esfandiari’s profits total roughly $27 million.

In addition to the aforementioned competitors, Jennifer Tilly, Bobby Baldwin, Robert Sanchez, and Roger Sippl were also in action for the fourth consecutive week.

The high-stakes NLH table produced multiple six-figure payouts, but the next hand was the most thrilling.

In blinds of US$200/US$400 to US$400 with two straddles in between for a total pot of US$6,000, Tilly stake US$2,000 on the button with QJ, and Perkins reraises to US$10,000 with 108. The first straddle paid off with 109, and the most expensive straddle paid off for Antonio with A4.

Flop: 27J

The action was check-raised to Esfandiari holding a draft to a full house, and he decided to wager $16,000. Tilly paid with a pair of aces, and Perkins raised to $50,000 with a straight flush draw; Tilly folded.

With $500,000 in the hole, Esfandiari delayed the action for a few moments before responding with a $166,000 raise. The woman also surrendered, but Perkins, who was trailing by $280,000, decided to go all-in, which the magician called.

As if the pot were only a few dollars, both players agreed that the magnitude of the confrontation would be determined by the turn and river.

During Champions Night at Winamax, Willy Wonka comes out on top.

Winamax.fres was the place to be yesterday for regular tournaments. Twenty-five events had five-figure jackpots at day’s end, and a total of €594,000 was awarded. Due to Champions Day, attendance at the MTTs was down.

Three lucky individuals each received rewards worth over €5,000.

The €200 Battle Royale was won by “WiIly Wonka,” who took home €9,136.32.

The Prime Time €50 ($7,803.86) jackpot was won by “FroggyDog.”

“DaniBIG” took home the €250 HighRoller (about $8,922.85).

Six events had prize pools more than €30,000:

€50 (38k) for a KO in mystery.

€200 ($40k) for a “Battle Royale.”

Happy Hour: €20 (around $35k).

Secret Killer Off €10 ($40k).

Costs fifty Euros (about $58,000).

A €250 ($42k) High Roller bet.

Below are the final standings from regular events with prize pools above €10,000:

Prize pool for BlufALotSldr (Shaolin, €50; Field, 238; Total Prize Pool, €10,710)


M. Stewart (Starter; €1,746.73; 240 participants; €10,800 total)


Prize: €2,921.86; Entered: 1,606; Total: €28,908; Winner: viSagePale00 (Tea Time 20, 20th round)


Using the Gladiator 50. There were 595 entrants, and the total prize pool was €26,775. .

Prize: €3,830.37. Number of entrants: 62. Total prize pool: €14,322. Mystery KO.


Prize: €3,574.19. Total entries: 1,629. Total prize pool: €29,322. Game: Queen Jacks (Mystery KO).

Ten Euro PkpasRaise on a Giant Stack (6:30pm). There were 1,555 participants, thus the total prize pool was €2,436.86 (or €13,995).

Winner of the Krabosss (Guerrilla 5, €1,629.12; 3,571 players; €16,070 in total prize money).

Prize: €4,788.62. Number of Entrants: 857. Total Prize Pool: €38,565. FAKHRIYYA. Mystery Knockout.

Battle Royale 200 WiIly Wonka. Field size: 222; total prize pool: €40,848; winner’s share: €9,136.32.

Field size: 3,767. Total prize pool: €16,952. Ticket price: €1,614.77. NIKI5678 (Mystery KO).

Nitro 20. First Prize: €1,706.50. Total Prize Pool: €10,962. 609 Competitors.

La Fievre, or Fuzidass, €10, Winner: €3,238.97, Players: 2,090, Pot: €18,810 .

Ofryl (€100 Xtase, €3,089.21 in prize money, 131 players, $11,790 in total prize money)


HowCanIHelp ($20 entry fee; €2,592.90 first prize; €35,118 total prize pool; 1,951 entrants).

StOfiOO (Mystery KO, €2,931.25 prize, 4,010 players, €36,090 total prize pool).

Prime Time FroggyDog. Total prize pool of €58,230 (prize: €7,803.86; field: €1,294).

Comic Crucifixion (à la Daronne) €5 (field: €4,342, prize: €1,698.16, total: €19,539).

DaniBIG (€250 HighRoller, €8,922.85 Prize, 183 Players, €42,456 Total Prize Pool).

kamwamia (€20 per Flipper; €2,291.26 first place; €16,704 total prize fund; 928 players).

Top 50. JesuiRebo. The winner of the StRoNgCh1k3n (Ninja 10) tournament was awarded €3,373.30 (field size = 373) and the total prize pool was €16,785 ($19,458).

Prize for the DaCaravaggio ($50 entry fee; total prize pool of €22,590; 502 entrants) was $4,216.43.

Saccharine (Mystery KO. Payout: €2,797.13 (total prize pool: €22,023). Entered players: 2,447.

Field size: 1,885. Total prize pool: €16,965. Winner: AKiTatoRR.

This is a whole new day, and as usual, there will be plenty of exciting competitions to look forward to.

Those who gamble responsibly. Several methods exist in online poker rooms to encourage responsible play (such as self-exclusion or deposit limitation).

Tony Dunst’s poker stats are just ludicrous.

In the United States, Black Friday is a watershed moment for poker players who have no other means of keeping up their online grind. In order to keep using the most popular online poker sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt, many players left the country at the time.

Those who didn’t want to leave their native countries adapted to their new circumstances by playing poker in person. Tony Dunst, better known by his nickname “Bond18,” is a two-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner and a pundit for WPT events.

The professional, who calls Las Vegas home, registered with in 2013 using the handle “Panoramic.” The final day of 2018 was the first time Dunst participated in any of the site’s events. Since then, he has amassed a “INSANE” chart after playing 1,861 games on the site’s little grid.

According to Tony Dunst’s SharkScope, he has made $1,209,978. The sum represents the prize money the professional collected throughout the course of his career, with his biggest score being $167,143 in a 2020 WSOP Online event, when he also won his second bracelet.

The second largest payout, at $163,650, is for finishing second in WSOP Event #1 ($5,300 Freezeout) in 2022. Dunst has developed his stunning chart from pots ranging from $57,000 to $46,000, with great stability and few events on the grid given by the site, which now has a common pool with New Jersey and Michigan.

Wyn Millions Main Event Champion Is Michael Rossitto.

Those who bought into the Wynn Millions discovered a drastically different Main Event. The membership fee will drop from $10,000 to $3,500 in 2023. There was a big drop in the guaranteed amount from $10,000,000 to $3,000,000.

Notwithstanding the adjustments, 1,314 competitors made the trip to Las Vegas for the tournament. After nine days of intense competition, Michael Rossito emerged victorious. The Italian’s winnings of $604,637 were the most he had ever received in a single payment.

With the sixth highest stack, Rossitto made it to the final table. He started causing problems for the leads at the 6-handed table, and he never stopped. The European went all in before the flip and won against Jacob Powers’ A-6, eliminating him.

The next man to fall prey to the champion was the Spanishman Pedro Ingles. Again, he went all in before the flip and won, this time with A-K against A-J.

Rossitto got an out on the board to send Mark Zajdner home on a coin toss of A-K vs J-J. Despite his 2:0 advantage, he barely survived to the tournament’s last round of eliminations.

Rossitto led off with 86 and merely checked before a limp after recovering the lead and pulling away from Esposito. Esposito bet before calling Rossitto’s check-raise after the flip of K75. Esposito check-called a c-bet from Rossitto on the turn 4. The action moved to the river, where Rossitto finally declared all-in. Esposito deliberated for so long that he failed to answer the hero call with 97.

This time around, $4,171,950 was split up in the Main Event. Check out the winnings of each finalist:

1st place: $604,637, Italy’s Michael Rossitto

Second place, $480,752: American Andrew Esposito

Third place: $294,540, Mark Zajdner (Canada).

$208,598 #4 Pedro Ingles (Spain)

Five: $154,279 (USA) Zachary Donovan

$120,361 6th Place: Jacob Powers, USA

96,706th: Canada’s Zhigang Yang, No. 7.

(US) $80,310 Lawsuit Filed Against Kharlin

$67,765 9th Place: Cliff Ziff (USA)

In excess of US$30 million, Sam Greenwood is now aiming for Negreanu.

After reaching $30 million, Sam Greenwood decided to challenge Negreanu.

After his recent win in Triton Series Event #15, he surpassed fellow Canadian Timothy Adams and now sits in second place on Canada’s All Time Money List, behind only Daniel Negreanu.

Over $30 million and taking aim at Negreanu: Sam Greenwood

On Tuesday, a turbo tournament concluded the Triton Series of Vietnam, and the winner, Sam Greenwood, earned enough money to earn a spot on the Canadian All-Time Money List.

S. Greenwood, Sam

Triton Vietnam’s last tournament included ITM players.

While playing Short Deck, the low stacks and high stakes are par for the course in turbo events with fast increasing blind structures. The trip to the east coast of Vietnam was in jeopardy, but this event, with an entrance price of US$20,000, offered a final opportunity to save the vacation.

The players’ familiarity with the push/fold tables, along with some good fortune, made for an entertaining dynamic.

After facing off against the runner-up, Lun Loon, in a head-to-head match, Greenwood was able to combine the two strategies and emerge victorious. Greenwood’s first Triton championship should be marked with an asterisk since it was earned during the tournament in Cyprus that was called off after Ivan Leow’s untimely death. At that point in the race, Greenwood had a commanding lead and was crowned the victor.

This time, however, they were successful in every aspect of the game, and the Canadian player took home $207,000, the Shamballa Diamonds bracelet, and the trophy.

Sam Greenwood, a World Series of Poker bracelet winner, is a major player in the game. Hendon Mob reports that his total live tournament wins exceed $30.8 million, with a maximum ITM of $3,276,760. When it comes to Canadians, only Daniel Negreanu has won more than $50 million, making him the second-biggest winner in history and the 17th overall. Greenwood’s latest victory put him ahead of Timothy Adams, who was previously worth $30.7 million.

Tournament 14 of the Triton Series: $20,000 Short Deck Turbo

Get in for $20,000 USD

Submissions: 28 (including 9 re-entries)

Pot: US$560,000

The End Result

1st Place: $207,000 (USD) Sam Greenwood

$143,000 for the second Lun Loon

3° 91 thousand dollars: Isaac Haxton

4th Five degrees of Seth Davies: $65,800 U.S. $53,200 for Wei Hsiang Yeu

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