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gnev kazaha scores huge double online title after winning Battle Royale and Winamax HighRoller

Yesterdayregular game is the focus of Winamax .fres. On the day, the 25 contest ended with a 5-figure jackpot for €659,000.

gnev kazaha” is the big winner, the star of the day, he produced a spectacular by winning 200 euros Battle Royale(10€) , won the online double crown 887.86) and 250€High Roller (12 €,231,62).

(€9,742) prize. ).

In terms of prize pool, sixtournaments exceed the€30,000 jackpot :

  • Mystery KO €50 (€34,000).
  • Battle Royale €200 (€66,000).
  • €20 after hours (€39,000).
  • Mystery KO €10 (€37,000).
  • Golden Hour €50 (€70,000).
  • High Roller €250 (€51,000).

These are the detailed results of tournaments with a jackpot of over €10,000 for that day.

A new day of regular competition today awaits us .

Responsible Gambling. Online poker rooms have various systems in place to encourage responsible gaming (such as self-exclusion or deposit limits).

Poker and kidnapping: Daniel Negreanu’s curious story at a bank

The strange tale of Daniel Negreanu’s abduction from a bank while playing poker

An amusing story about KidPoker and Jennifer Harman has been making waves and people are laughing their heads off online.

Jennifer Harman, a famous poker player, recently recounted a humorous anecdote she had with poker great Daniel Negreanu on Twitter. The two-bracelet holder at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) reflected on her odd experience with KidPoker when she was just starting out.

The story takes place when the two players were young and needed to withdraw funds from a bank to pay for tournament fees. After taking the player away from Dneg, mint workers questioned her whereabouts and whether she was being abducted by Negreanu, to which Harman joked that she could easily defeat the Canadian since he only weighed 59 kg.

One of the best players in the world is Harman.

The poker community had a good time with the humorous narrative that Harman shared. While responding casually, Negreanu remarked on his then-slender frame and joked that he might have been a bank robber in the Old West.

Jennifer Harman has been a regular at the WSOP since 1996, making her one of the most known players in the game. She has won many major awards at various tournaments and events, including two bracelets in 2000 and 2002. For instance, he finished in the runner-up spot in a Las Vegas tournament that cost $10,200 in 2005, earning him $383,840.

Harman and Negreanu have built their followings because to their willingness to open up and relate personal stories. The Canadian recently shared a picture from 1997, in which he is shown clutching the trophy he won in his second ever event, a $100 buy-in Limit Hold’em tournament. The two athletes’ humorous back-and-forth demonstrates that they have a wonderful sense of humor and love to share lighthearted moments with their fan bases.

In December of 2023, WPT Final will be held again at WYNN.

In December of 2023, the World Poker Tour® will return to the Wynn Las Vegas for the season finale of Season XXI.

This year’s WPT World Championship event will be held from November 29th to December 1st at Wynn Las Vegas, a Forbes Travel Guide five-star property. 23. The WPT Prime Championship will take place from December 7-12, the WPT Women Championship will take place from December 16-18, and the WPT World Championship will take place from December 12-18.

“Thanks to our partner Wynn Las Vegas and the passionate support of the players,” said Adam Pliska, CEO of WPT, “the WPT World Championship festival was an incredible milestone during our 20th season last year.”

We’re excited to build on the success of last year’s World Championship and establish a new benchmark for poker tournaments in the years to come.

The “Poker Event of the Year” returns to Wynn Las Vegas in 2022.

WPT WynnPoker World Championship 2023!

Between November 29th and December 23rd

tweet: “Press Release:”

To be held on March 14, 2023: World Poker Tour (@WPT)

There were 2,960 players in the first-ever WPT World Championship, held at Wynn Las Vegas and awarded Event of the Year 2022 at the 4th Annual Global Poker Awards. Winners shared a total of $29,008,000, almost doubling the original $15 million prize pool. Canadian Eliot Hudon came out on top in the end, taking home a cool $4,130,000. With a total of $2,830,000, Englishman Benny Glaser came in second.

Ryan Beauregard, executive director of poker operations at Wynn Las Vegas, is thrilled to see the WPT World Championship return to the casino after awarding over $53 million in prize money in December. We’ve extended the festival days and will design a competition schedule to make 2023 even better than last year’s because of the massive attendance and productive partnership with WPT.

Notable upcoming tournaments include the Seniors event on December 6-8 and the return of Mystery Bounty on December 18-21.

The Wynn Las Vegas will host the WPT World Championship 2023 event, and the entire itinerary will be released in the following months. You may learn more about the tournament and the Wynn Las Vegas by visiting the respective websites: and

Poll: Is AI a threat to poker?

To what extent do you think AI will threaten poker in the future?

The results of a recent poll on Artificial Intelligence (AI) show that opinions on the topic are becoming more and more divisive among industry participants.

It seems that the poker business has always had access to cutting-edge technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the topic of heated discussion among a sector with divergent views for some time.

With the introduction of the so-called solvers, who are really just artificial intelligence, players have been on opposite sides of the debate about whether or not it is good for the game.

A recent poll by Legal US Poker, which contacted numerous specialists, found that 50% of respondents perceive Artificial Intelligence as a genuine danger to the poker industry, demonstrating the players’ intense focus on the developments.

The poll also uncovered the following data:

Almost 37% of gamers agree that playing versus a computerized opponent is both fun and beneficial.

To improve their game, more than 20% of gamers have turned to ChatGPT.

81% of expert gamers are facing off against computer opponents.

45% of players say that solvers motivate them to improve.

Around 20% of people have used this technology to cheat.

A total of 1,019 poker players with three years of experience or more were polled for this initiative. There were 67% males and 33% females. Below is a breakdown of generations: There are 41% members of Gen Z, 34% of millennials, 18% of Gen Xers, and 7% of baby boomers.

They concluded that AI has the ability to assist users better games, but also has the potential to be exploited for cheating, which would have a detrimental impact on the experience as a whole. It will be fascinating to see the future development and effects of the controversial employment of AI bots in online poker.

Micro-limit players’ go-to event is The Dime.

The Dime is the most popular event for micro-limit players.

The weekly US$2.50 buy-in event at Americas Cardroom consistently exceeds its promised prize pool of US$10,000. It’s quite feasible to generate a substantial profit with a little initial outlay of capital.

Americas Cardroom really excels when it comes to organizing multi-flight tournaments. The Sunday Squeeze, US$50K Gtd, and the big $150,000 guaranteed take place every week. Yet there are additional tournaments for beginners, like as “The Dime,” which guarantees a 10,000 GBP prizepool.

This event costs $2.50 to enter and features 11 rounds of play per day. The game consists of 18 rounds, each lasting 10 minutes, and the winner automatically advances to the final day. Every Sunday at 18:05 ET, those that make it beyond the first cut will participate in the Final Day.

Micro-limit players at Americas Cardroom’s The Dime table may still dream big thanks to the site’s generous rake structure.

In addition to the updated schedule of daily tournaments, further details may be found at the URL provided above.

Zombie Hunter Bounty Series Tournaments – $1,300,000 in prize money at Tigergaming

For the first time this year, Chico Network is celebrating Halloween with a special series called “Zombie Hunter Bounty.” The 104 races he played in the last week of October offered nearly $1,300,000 in prize money. There are two additional promotions: a hitter’s bonus and a daily $1,000 Zombie Hunter Shootouts freeroll.

Chico Network's Zombie Hunter Bounty Collection

continuous feature

Last year, the American Chico Network limited itself to celebrating Halloween by renaming its flagship event and increasing the guarantee. In addition, a series of special events for 2022 have been announced.

Tigergaming, Betonline and Sportsbetting ran the 104 Zombie Hunter Bounty Series from October 23rd to 30th with a guarantee of $1,289,530.

It’s the second biggest festival of 2022 (only the tournament online poker series is bigger), and the third to be made up entirely of bounty tournaments. Compared to COPS:

  1. Buy-ins range from $1.10 (one tournament only) to $215. The average buy-in is just under $53.60, with most tournaments ranging from $11 to $55. )
  2. The average guarantee is also lower at $12,400 ($10,100 excluding Maine). “
  3. The Omaha Championship is slightly lower at 17, but it’s all H/L rules. Buy-in fees range from $22-$215, with deposits up to $10,000.
  4. The premium structure is different. There are fixed payouts and progressive payouts, up to 70% of capitation payouts. If a player does not have a prize for the day, and the prize is not met, they will receive a BI refund.

The full Zombie Hunter Bounty Series schedule is available here.

$1,000 Zombie Hunter Shootout

Starting day two of the series, all entrants will receive chips in this lottery-style bonus game. The more knockdowns a player has over a 24-hour streak, the more chips they earn:

  • 1-5 Eliminations – 1 starting chip.
  • 6-10 – 3 chips.
  • 11-20 – 5 chips
  • 21+ – 10 chips.

main event

The five events with “Main” in the title of the tournament all started on the evening of October 30th.

The top five offers $50,000 more than last year. It was also the fourth flagship Sunday for the networking venue, with late registrations reduced to 4 hours. The first tournament of this type couldn’t bring in more than $166,000 for the same buy-in.

Crews can enter Zombie Hunter #97 $250K GTD Main PKO via Daily Standard Satellites for $4.4 and $8.8, Mega Sats for $15 two days before the event and $15 via SnG 9-max Enter.

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Dmitry Polun – first ME RPT Yerevan champion

The Armenian capital hosted the Russian Poker Tour Series for the first time. Russia’s Dmitry Polan ($36,000) took first place in the festival’s main competition. Read about the course of the tournament and its winners in this article.

Dmitry Polun - ME RPT Yerevan Winner

Muscovites of Armenia

The move of the RPT’s Armenian stage from Tsaghkadzor to Yerevan and the confusion over ticket prices shortly before the series kicked off did not stop them from repeating their summer festival success. Most tournaments attract tight player numbers.

The $450 Russian Poker Tour Armenia Main Event, taking place at the Shangri-La Casino from October 14-18, 2022, attracted 396 participants, just 15 fewer than the July series. 46 players cashed.

Maine’s winner was Dmitry Polun from Russia. Thanks to the new payout structure, he earned a record-breaking $36,000 in tournament history.

When Alexander Mityaev from Moscow achieved the same success exactly five months ago,

This time he left the event almost immediately after the late entry on Day 2, but finished runner-up in the mini-version of the $240 Main Event for $4,450 (excluding knockouts).

Before that, the Main Event was very table

Main Event Russian Poker Tour Armenia Final Table

The final table also featured poker players from other countries. This time, Lebanon’s Shayan Safagoli represented Russia and Armenia. Although he has left the race in seventh place.

Pauloun entered the final table of the tournament with four in chips. He added another 1.6 million in chips by knocking out eighth-placed Alexey Galustyan 88-A6 preflop and hitting three sets on the flop.

In the top four, Muscovite doubled down on the pad, starting with 22NB of the small blind and called by AJ and QT. After Kirill Smirnov went out (AQ-A6), Polun was already the chip stack at the table.

Dmitry turned the tournament into heads-up mode by knocking out Artur Matevosyan (A4s-K3) after 20 minutes to stay in the game against compatriot Vahe Amiragyan.

The heads-up match lasted about half an hour and ended with A3s TQ. Arthur had a 10 on the flop, but the dealer beat an ace on the river, giving Dimitry Polun the win.

Who is Dimitri Pollan?Who is Dmitry Polan?

Dmitry Polan

The player from Russia started playing poker at the age of 18, then played online tournaments for five years and wanted to go pro. But after finishing college, he decided to keep gaming in his life just as a hobby.

He only started playing live in 2020, and in his first EAPT Altai event, he won the inaugural tournament for £805,210. Afterwards, Dmitry took part in two offline festivals, one of which he won small prizes in two championships.

This is his first RPT, and here’s what he said:

“The lineup on the show is great, lots of amateurs, room to spread. I definitely recommend taking an RPT. My tip for going from buy-in to top 1 is to play bankroll, gamble responsibly, and enjoy spending time at the table time.”

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PLO5: where and how to play five-card Omaha? (2022)

PLO5, or 5 Card Omaha, has only recently appeared in poker rooms and is far less popular than the classic version of the game. Therefore, you can play PLO-5 at a limited number of poker sites. You’ll learn the best of it in this article.

PLO5:Where to Play Five Card Omaha in 2022?

PLO5: Game features.

Omaha Poker is known to be a more aggressive and varied game than Texas Hold’em. 4 hole cards offer more combinations, which is why there are so many postflops in PLO. Strategically, Omaha is a “strong draw game”.

With PLO5, all of the above can be multiplied by at least 2. “In reality, 5 Card Omaha requires more conservative starting hands, good math skills and a high tilt tolerance because good play tends to get you out of hand.”

In PLO5, you have to be very careful with your starting hands, and you’re also good at poker math, so make sure you have a high level of tilt tolerance as well.Where can I play PLO5?

There are still very few poker rooms playing PLO5. In fact, active tables of this type of poker are accumulated only on PokerBros and the mobile app.

PPPoker, PokerBros, Suprema Poker

PPPPoker – Almost all PPPoker clubs create PLO5 Omaha tables. In the clubs we collected, the number of tables exceeds 60-70.

On another app, PokerBros, American poker players love to play PLO5 and thus rack up the biggest games early in the morning. The main job limits are from PLO10 to PLO1K, but many of them have a minimum VPIP requirement.

Superma Poker is a new Brazilian mobile room featuring heads-up Omaha tables. There are now several large clubs offering a good selection of PLO5 games.

If you already play Omaha or are getting ready to play Omaha, PLO5 is one of the best options for making money with wealthy recreational players at mid to high limit tables. Worldpokerdeals flips can help you deal with volatility peaks.playing cards.

Pokerok is currently the best for PLO 5 fans.

Peak time of table count:

The only downside for many players is the low minimum buy-in of 25B, so you can find shorties at any table.

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Russian Online Poker

IPF Winter Tournaments – €5,000,000 Guarantee at RedStar Poker

iPoker is celebrating the New Year with the IPF Winter Series. The announced festival deposit will be the largest in the network’s history, amounting to €5,000,000. Of that, eight hundred and fifty thousand will be drawn in six multi-day tournaments.

iPoker Festival Winter €5,000,000 Guaranteed Bonus

Series Features

The year 2022 marks the era of iPoker’s biggest skins series, and it will end with a record event in network history:

The IPF Winter Series will play 473 games from December 19, 2022 to January 16, 2023 with a total guarantee of €5 million.

Like the previous two “seasonal” festivals, this one has gone the route of increasing guarantees by dramatically increasing the number of events in the series, which will replace many of the regular MTTs. At the same time, the IPF tournament prize pool is much richer.

Other features of the series:

  1. The entry fee varies from 5 to 1,000 euros. True, there is only one event on the schedule with the highest buy-in, the IPF 46-H €50,000 GTD Super HR (starts Jan. 8 at 8 p.m. Moscow time). The average BI is around €50, 37% lower than last year’s winter collection.
  2. The average guarantee is over €10,000. There are 20 games scheduled each day, most of which start after 6 p.m. Moscow time.
  3. The main event does not “score” a significant portion of the prize series this time. The IPF 78-H €200K Main for €100 will be a multi-day event.
  4. There are also two MTTs with the “Main” prefix, but the numbers are more modest: the €100,000 GTD Mini costs €25 and the €25,000 GTD Micro costs €7.50.
  5. In addition to Maine, the prize pool of five additional multi-day festivals with a six-figure sum will be at least €850,000.
  6. Warm-up – 18 “warm-up” events for the first week of the series.

The full schedule of the iPoker Winter Series 2022 is available here.

The multi-day event

There are 23 such events on the schedule. Day 2 of each race begins the same night that the last flight leaves.

The leaderboard

The series features three leaderboards for different buy-in levels, including satellites, in iPoker roums for the first time. They start on December 21.

Rating points are awarded for the following achievements:

  • Participate in a tournament – 1 point
  • Kickout player – 2 points
  • Get to ITM – 5 points
  • Get to Final Table – 15 points
  • Win a tournament – 25 points


In addition, players can sign up for special missions throughout the series:

*Level tournaments are tournaments with the same name, but with different buy-in: low, medium or high.

The time frame for all tournaments is December 21 through January 16. Prizes in Joker Avatar missions can be earned by completing three missions.

The Bonus Freeroll will take place on January 17. Starting at 8:30 p.m. to 9:05 p.m. Moscow time.


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MILLIONS Online Knockout Edition Tournaments – $3M Guarantee at partypoker

Partypoker is hosting its new MILLIONS Online Elimination Series for the second time this year, offering $3,000,000 guarantees in 53 tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $109 to $1,050. Read more in the article.

Partypoker Millions Online Knockout Edition

Series Features

For the past few years, partypoker players have become accustomed to having fewer tournament series, including multi-day events with greatly increased guarantees, where there are 2-3 tournaments per day. In 2022, this rule applies not only to the flagship series. In addition, all of its events have been converted to a bounty format.

MILLIONS Online Knockout Edition will hold 53 events with $3,000,000 in guarantees from Oct. 27 to Nov. 15.

Compare the same Spring Festival:

  1. The overall size of the series is down: 2 fewer guaranteed, 18 fewer tournaments.
  2. The average guaranteed deposit is $56,600 (excluding $38,500 in Maine) and the average deposit is $223. Both numbers are down.
  3. The buying range is unchanged at $109 to $1,050.
  4. One multi-day event is missing. These five tournaments alone have prize pools in excess of $125,000.

The MILLIONS Online events have significantly higher prize pools than similar tournaments with regular draws, so players can expect stacked events, including guaranteed satellites.

The full MILLIONS Online Knockout Edition schedule is available here.

main event

There are only two main lines:

  • #10 Main Event: $1 million guaranteed, $1050 prizes
  • #11 Main Mini Event with $300,000 guaranteed, $109

Each had six Days 1 scheduled. There is little difference in the flight structure: the starting stack is 1 million chips (100BB), and in the more expensive tournaments the blinds are increased every 15 minutes, in the latter it is 12 minutes.

Late registration will last 15 levels. During this period, re-entry is possible only once. 15% of players make it to Day 2. They start November 14.

special rotation

A $30 spin appears in the room for the customer. In it, players compete for series tickets when any multiplier (except x2) hits.


Poker Party


The Million Online Knockout Edition

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