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Iago Savino eager to compete in the 28 Hours Carnival Series

Iago Savino eager to compete in the 28 Hours Carni...

The country’s grinders took home the title in the Carnival Series on Thursday the 1st. In Event 28-H: $2,100 NL Hold’em 8-Max Thursday’s thriller, Iago “neverstandard” Savino emerged as the winner, adding $50,205 to his bankroll. At the same event, Pedro “PaDiLhA SP” Padilha finished sixth for $13,345.

In Event 30-H: $215 NL Hold’em 8-Max The Copacabana, “Beckmann797” took silver and earned $10,542. Minutes earlier, Bruno “great dant” Volkmann failed in the 4-man event for $5,520.

Braulio “Brauliocsp” Barros, meanwhile, stood atop the podium in the 30-M event: $22 NL Hold ’em 8 – Max The Copacabana and earned $10,408. The tournament had 3,637 participants.

In the regular $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR competition, Davi “MestreKÓ” Magalhães (1st place) and “patialnd” (3rd place) won $10,408 and $6,012 respectively.

Victor “VICTOR TXR1” Teixeira finished fourth out of 1,029 players in Event 28-M: $215 No Limit Hold’em 8-Max Thursday Thrill, earning $7,063.

Iago Savino eager to compete in the 28 Hours Carni...

Completing the final days of the GGPoker 12 Days of Resolution mission

Completing the final days of the GGPoker 12 Days o...

The much-anticipated GGPoker winter lottery is coming to an end. Until January 12, you can still complete missions, collect stamps, and improve your ranking in the Flipout Tournament on January 13. Players on the platform have 12 days to complete tasks on the platform, such as: pairing up with certain cards in cash games or winning with two pair or better in a tournament, such as collecting stamps and chips . For free flip tournaments in the software. For each completed mission, players receive a stamp and some chips. To participate in your first Flipout, you must have three stamps, so complete three days of tasks. The more days a player completes the mission, the higher the guaranteed value of the roll. For example, 3 stamps guarantee a $100,000 flip bonus, and the value continues to increase until 12 stamps flip, guaranteeing $400,000. The 12-day Determination Flip Championship will be held at various times on January 13th. However, since this is a flip tournament, it is not necessary to be present at the start of the tournament. Additionally, the number of starting chips a player receives for each mission they complete depends on the type of game in the mission and the buy-in amount played. To find promotions, simply go into the GGPoker software, click on your profile, select the “My Promotions” tab, and click on “12 Day Solution.” On this page you will find a daily task list and task calendar, as well as guaranteed values ​​for rollovers.

Completing the final days of the GGPoker 12 Days o...

Ole Schemion joins prestigious club of five-time GGGMillion$ winners

Ole Schemion joins prestigious club of five-time G...

GGPoker Streaming Channel has once again crafted a presentation of Asia’s flagship tournament GGMillion$.

The main attraction this week is the gathering of many important figures from the history of the game’s tournament. Niklas Astedt, who represents the trio that has been joint-first in the tournament’s biggest titles for the longest time with five wins; one who wants to join as Ole Schemion The group’s candidates, of which there are four, are as well as the current rulers of the high roller scene, such as Matthew Stumpf, Jans Arends or Samuel Mullur himself, winner of the premiere live version of WSOP Paradise.

A A’s lavish field of 166 entrants once again fell well short of the tournament’s guaranteed $1 million mark.

Jeff Platt, who was nominated for the Global Poker Awards’ Best Commentator, is supplemented this time with his narration being voiced by two-time WSOP and WPT Champion Jared Jaffee.

Alternatively, you might prefer the in-house production of GGPoker related player Steve Enriquez, who was created by Alberto Perez “Catof” Support is provided on the microphone.

Plesuv has a tough record heading into the 2023 GGMillion$ season. His account held a 59% ITM in the $10,300 tournament.

The best hand of the night was played while the table was still full, with chip leaders Stumpf and Schemion looking on. In a hand where the big stack moved cleanly to the cutoff, Niklas Astedt opened with KK, Damir Zhugralin raised with AA and Andrii Derzhypilskyi pushed with TT.

said eliminated title contender Niklas Astedt, who played a nice king hand and covered Zhugrain.

Also eye-catching were the hands where Ole Schemion and Matthew Stumpf went all-out on the flop ,Samuel Mueller stole the out from the hands of the Canadian flag runner. Wizo dominated QQ against two AK combos, taking 60% of the chips in the game.

The German proved right those who believed that a triple all-in would ultimately decide the outcome of the game, but that was not the case. Let any of them in. One of his opponents even got into fold range before the game was over.

Ole Schemion joins prestigious club of five-time G...

Farrugio wins big in Winamax Series 6-Max tournament

Farrugio wins big in Winamax Series 6-Max tourname...

No. 5 of the Winamax Series took place yesterday at Winamax. Twenty-one b>MTT Festival has ended and the 1.5 million Euro prize money has been paid. In addition, there were nine regular tournaments with pots over €10,000, with a further €141,000 paid out. Farrugio, the protagonist of the day in the Winamax series

“Farrugio” was the big protagonist of the day, winning the biggest tournament, the WinamaxSeries – 109 : €250NLHE – 6 Max – Champion and wins the biggest prize of the day: €32 ,811.77 .

Two more winners won over €20,000:

  • “M.Anttonen” won Winamax Series-88: 250 € NLHE 6-Max Monster StackChampion and receive a prize of 29.476.46€ home.
  • and ICQ_problems , who won WSE-107: 50 € NLHE – 6 Max – Monster Stack received 20 € ,619.42 bonus.

Four further winners won prizes worth over €10,000.

Maximum Prize Pool

For Prize Pool, 6 Tournament exceeds €100,000 Jackpot:

  1. WSE-89 (€141,000).
  2. WSE-92 (€111,000).
  3. WSE-102 (€155,000).
  4. WSE-105 (€123,000).
  5. WSE-105 (€123,000).
  6. WSE-107 (€115,000).
  7. WSE-109 (€161,000).

Farrugio wins big in Winamax Series 6-Max tourname...

Prizes and Bonuses: Maximize your winnings when playing Brazilian slots

Prizes and Bonuses: Maximize your winnings when pl...

The Brazilian public is increasingly keen on online gambling, succumbing to the Jackpot City Casino platform and its interactive slot machines. While the variety of games is one of the factors that attract players to this internationally renowned site, the idea of ​​taking advantage of the bonuses it offers players is also a strong incentive to sign up. In fact, given the unprecedented competition in the industry, various online casinos have developed various offers aimed at attracting and retaining users, including attractive welcome bonuses and interesting loyalty programs. Casinos with lower minimum deposits, lower deposit bonus percentages, no deposit bonuses or advantageous free spins are common. These bonuses are often mentioned in casino advertisements and are attractive to users, but you need to know how to develop a strategy to really make the most of them. Here’s how to maximize your winnings when playing Brazilian slots and take advantage of the bonuses the casino (and the game itself) has to offer you. Choose a casino with a variety of slot machinesAs well as offers and bonuses varying from one online casino to another, it is important to ensure that the platform you choose offers a good selection of these games to ensure you get the maximum winnings when playing slots. On sites with a wide range of slots, some games include valuable extras and perks, and you can win free spins or multipliers during your play. There will also be a wider selection, ensuring you can choose the games that are most beneficial in terms of return to player (RTP), which we’ll discuss next. Take advantage of bonuses on machines with higher RTPIf you find a Brazilian slot bonus with free spins when registering at a casino, it’s best to pay attention to the slot’s RTP and volatility. These values ​​represent the percentage of payouts the casino recoups on that game and how often the slot machine awards bonuses to users. By playing slots with higher RTP, you can maximize the bonuses offered by the casino. Get more exclusive bonusesCasinos put a lot of effort into engagement and loyalty strategies, and newsletters are one of the ways they promote their games. If you subscribe to the email marketing option of your chosen platform, you may also receive exclusive bonus codes that can be used on slot machines, thereby increasing your balance or the number of spins available. These exclusive bonuses also increase the likelihood of winning spins by increasing players’ balance or play time, which is one way to maximize the offer. In short: Slots are not only the most popular games for casino players to win prizes, but they also have valuable built-in extras and bonuses that make for a great gaming experience. The more you use a casino’s products – whether it’s welcome, loyalty, email codes or the games themselves – the greater your potential to make the most of your online gaming time.

Prizes and Bonuses: Maximize your winnings when pl...

Victor Pertile Wins $530 Bounty Builder High Roller

Victor Pertile Wins $530 Bounty Builder High Rolle...

No one made more money than Victor Pertile in an unusual Sunday segment for Brazilians on PokerStars. In the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, pilot of account “Per.V7” beat 333 participants to win $36,696.

In the $1,050 Sunday High Roller, “fabio82329” finished on the podium, adding $28,466 to his bankroll.

Gabriel “gtavares” Tavares emerged victorious in Sunday’s $109 Fenomeno event against a field of 1,104 entries, a feat that earned him $18,031.

Meanwhile, Thomas “TakeZITO1” Garcia won the $109 Sunday warm-up event for $12,153.

Finally, Leonardo “GuaranaDolly” Ribas also won Table. He won $10,410 after defeating 2,199 opponents in the $44 Bounty Builder.

Victor Pertile Wins $530 Bounty Builder High Rolle...

Borgata announces 2024 Winter Poker Open with $10 million prize pool

Borgata announces 2024 Winter Poker Open with $10...

Borgata is one of the absentees in this post-pandemic resurgence of live poker, and it’s also facing some internal issues. But that all seems to be a thing of the past, as it’s now riding the wave ofannouncements of major festivals for the coming year.

The Winter Poker Openis a classic and its 2024 dates have now been announced and will take place on1 . Starting in January and continuing until the 26th month, more than 40 events will be held with guaranteed prize money of US$10 million

One of the big news is, Twenty-two tournaments will be featured as main events in the calendar in different formats and with different entries. The Multi-flight launch and the $800 buy-in kick off in addition to other offers and qualifiers.

Get ready for non-stop poker action at the Borgata Winter Poker Open, January 1-26, 2024, with over $10 million guaranteed and 40 exciting events. ♠️❄️ Don’t miss your chance to win big at the best poker room on the East Coast!

— BorgataPoker (@BorgataPoker) November 13, 2023

“Get ready for non-stop poker action at the Borgata Winter Poker Open with more than $10M 40 exciting events running from January 1st to 26th, 2024 – don’t miss your chance to win big at the East Coast’s top poker room!”

Borgata announces 2024 Winter Poker Open with $10...

SHIV4 wins Wednesday’s major tournament at Winamax: Battle Royale

SHIV4 wins Wednesday's major tournament at Winamax...

Yesterday’s focus was the Regular Championship of Winamax .fres. A total of 28tournaments with 5-figure jackpots were organized throughout Wednesday and distributed 584,000 euros Prizes. SHIV4 was the best player of the day.

SHIV4 wins the day’s biggest prize

Three games offered prizes worth over €5,000 to the winners.

  • “SHIV4” won €200 Battle Royale and the biggest prize of the day: EUR 8,052. 47.
  • “cappucc1no” won €6, 031.07, thanks to his victory in the €250 HighRoller.
  • And ” SantaRiver ” won Primetime €50 and received a bonus of €6,943.46.

SHIV4 wins Wednesday's major tournament at Winamax...

Weigl, Siedenstriker, Rodriguez and Akari brought out the best in Barcelona

Weigl, Siedenstriker, Rodriguez and Akari brought...

Latin Fleet is holding on to its dream of winning the EPT BarcelonaMain Event. This Friday, after an exciting Day 5, the field was reduced to just 16 players, includingfour Latinas, some of whom were in very good positions.

The goal is to be number one. Of the six finalists formed on Saturday, Ezequiel Waigel was the one who got off to the best start, finishing fifth with 5,130,000 chips, beating FrenchmanSimon Wiciak

Behind him among the players in the region are João Sydenstricker in seventh place with 3,565,000 chips, and Jose Rodriguez Zurita in Day 6 Ranked seventh in the game with 1,895,000 chips, Andre Akkari ranked 16th with 685,000 chips, with an average chip stack of 3.9 million.

Akkari Barcelona’s statistics are completed.

While these four Latinos advanced, others fell on Saturday, including two Uruguayans: Matias Duarte, who Already had some wins at EPT Barcelona a few days ago, finishing 21st with 47800, while Joaquín Melogno A score of 41.550 finished in 27th place.

This Saturday the action will be played at the Barcelona Casino and the tables will continue for the remaining 13 minutes of Level 28 with blinds of 40,000/80,000 and 7 The big blind ante is set at 80,000 and the final six players will play it out until Sunday The last six remaining players will return on Sunday to determine the champion.

After registering 2,120 entrants worth €5,300, the tournament pot has grown to a whopping €10,282,000, with the winner taking home €1,488,000, although so far, there have been 16 players received at least 63,250 euros.

EPT Barcelona – Main Event Day 6

Buy-in: €5,300

Tickets: 2,120 Euro

Pot: €10,282,000

Blinds: Level 28 (40K/80K, big blind ante 80K)

Avg. Chip size: b> 3,975,000

Next cash: 16th, €63,250

Main Event Last 16

1° Simon Wiciak – 15,705,0002° Carl Shaw – 6,680,0003° Curtis Knight – 6,045,0004. Daniyar Aubakirov – 5,845,0005° Ezekiel Waigel – 5,130,0006° Robin Ilitalo – 4,785,0007° Joao Siedenstric – 3,565,0008° Oshri Rahmani – 3,070,0009° Van Marcus – 2,470,00010° Mohamed El Rice – 2,150,00011° José Rodriguez Zurita – 1,895,00012° Mihai Nester – 1,840,00013° Markku Koplimaa – 1,460,00014° Santiago Plant – 1,240,00015° Mircea Flutur – 1,100,00016° Andre Akkari – 685,000


1° €1,488,0002° 931,250 €3° €664,7504° €511,3005° €393,3006° €302,5007° €232,7008° 179,000 Euro9° 137,700 €10° €105,90011° €105,90012° €88,20013° €88,20014° €73,50015° €73,50016° €63,250

Latinos in ITM

18° Pedro Lopes – €55,00021° Matias Duarte – €47,80023° Felipe Morelli – €47,80027. Joaquín Melonho – €41,55032. Lucas Scaffini – €31,25055° Gustavo Oliveira – €27,25059°Julio Chia Cabrera – €23,65066° Felipe Boyanovski – €23,65069. Walter Riper – €23,65077° Alejandro Arnold – €20,55088° Pedro Cavalieri – €20,55093° Gonzalo Almeida – €20,55095° Denis Ramos – €20,55097° Kim De Sousa – €17,900105° Sebastian Erbero – €17,900106° Luis Gutierrez – €17,900126° Matheus de Sousa – €15,550138° Ignacio Saguera – €15,550145° Nicolas Babese – €13,450148° Jose Ruiz Dominguez – €13,450149° Diogo Ferreira – €13,450150° Thiago Sousa – €13,450155° Richard Daubigny – €13,450164° Dante Maino – €13,450170° Bruno Volkmann – €13,450171° Lucas Silva Rocha – €13,450172° Kelvin Cobb – €13,450187° Giovanni Reyes – €11,700193° Felipe Germano – €11,700199° Simon Dias – €11,700205° Lionel Guerra Garza – €11,700213° Johnny Mendes – €11,700220° Esteban Garcia – €11,700222° Edilson Marques – €11,700253° Ceza Oliveira – €10,200260° Victor Pelletel – €10,200266° Mauricio Salazar Sánchez – €10,200295° Diego dos Santos – €8,850296° Jose Angulo – €8,850

Weigl, Siedenstriker, Rodriguez and Akari brought...

Seven Degrees of Separation Joke, narrated by Rafael Moraes

Rafael Moraes used a famous person as a springboar...

The “7 Degrees of Separation Hypothesis” meme has been trending on Twitter over the past few days. It is based on research originally conducted by American psychologist Stanley Milgram, who hypothesized that any two people in the world could be connected through up to seven mutual friends.

Of course, the joke eventually got to one of the many poker players who used the site. Rafael Moraes (better known by his PokerStars name “GM VALTER”) is the team’s professional player.

Most importantly, Eder Ferronato believes KSOP GGPoker will be a game changer in bringing people back to downtown Iguas for future events.

Raphael is always there to have a great time and has won a lot of money betting with André Akkari before, such as dressing up as a gorilla for 2018 Annual BSOP Millions Contest. Andre’s PokerStars image was created based on this happy photo for a long time.

As a new joke In one part, he reflected on his 2018 bet loss to Andre Akari and compared his friend to the King Kong monster. In part one, we learned about the bond between Neymar and Akari.

I couldn’t help but chime in: “The seven-way handshake rule: @aakkari and connect.” King Kong. ”

For the latest updates, visit

Date : February 27, 2023 Source: Rafael Moraes (@RafaelMoraesGM)

Rafael offers the following theoretical explanation for the Akkari-Gorilla connection:

First of all, it is known that @aakkari and @neymarjr are close friends.

Worth watching and seeing what Will Smith and @neymarjr discovered after exchanging angry surprise thoughts.

Will Smith stars as “Pistoleiro” for the third time in “Suicide Squad,” appearing alongside Margot Robbie’s legendary Harlequin character.

Fourth, Ewan McGregor plays a supporting role in the movie “Birds of Prey” starring Harlequin.

5 – Movies Mission: Impossible stars Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts in one of their most famous collaborations.

Sixth, Naomi Watts and King Kong were spotted on the set of the 2005 The Great Girlfriend movie.

So @aakkari’s gorilla is related to this one in the seventh sentence.

Andre Akkari and Kai Both Kelvin Kerber responded positively to this humor and laughed out loud. Rafael Moraes is not only an outstanding athlete and representative of sports, but also a genius Innovator, aren’t you? I wonder if you understand the humor.

André Akkari

Andre Akari

Rafael Moraes used a famous person as a springboar...

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