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The Venom title will be announced this Tuesday

The Venom title will be announced this Tuesday

Venom, $10M is coming to an end. ACR Poker This Wednesday’s top tournament will pick a winner who will be as much a millionaire as the runner-up, but with all the glory.

Brazilian Felipe Ketzer defines The Venom.

8 finalists will compete for $1,563,960* starting at 16:05 ET and can follow our YouTube channel. The tournament’s top players included ACR Poker Team Pro Jon Apestyles Van Fleet and Felipe Ketzer representing Latin Armada.

Shoulder with them chip leaders S3L3N4G0M3ZZ, 2rich2care, mpmiller, BurnZeByeBell, Young Hoodie and champagne. Even though they both want to claim the grand prize for this new Venom, they’ve both already racked up 171,880 greens.

The Venom title will be announced this Tuesday

Mike Holtz Sets New Cash Record at 2023 WSOP

Mike Holtz Sets New Cash Record at 2023 WSOP

Mike Holtz celebrated an impressive 25 cashes in World Series of Poker history at the recent WSOP 2023 A record singles bracelet tournament. Despite his poor performance in the Player of the Year race (14th), he set an unprecedented record with a strong performance.

Renan Bruschi is the Latino with the most ITM titles, with 16 cash prizes worth just over $250,000.

Holtz, who goes by the pseudonym BrockLesnar on, has not only found success online this summer. Of those 25 cashes, 13 came from live tournaments, including a 7th-place finish out of 2,759 players and a 30,081 Dollar bonus. Add in the $85,000 for third place in Online Event #20, and the No Limit Hold’em Lucky 7 is worth $777.

Holtz commented on the process of this record: “I knew the result, I accumulated more winnings than usual, and was curious about where I stood. When I checked online, I found that I had 10 cash and was in the lead Status. I checked previous ITM records and found that Chris Ferguson and Daniel Negreanu each held 23. I realized I was beating her and from that moment on, it became an unintentional target in the series. I’m incredibly proud of that and will always remember that.”

Thanks to all of his cash wins, the American will be in 2023 Won $110,650 in the WSOP. Shaun Deeb is within striking distance of a record 24 prizes, while Scott Bohlman and Ben Yu are tied on 23.

Although Holtz has failed to win the live WSOP Player of the Year event, he is still on track to win the 2023 Player of the Year title, which ends at the end of the calendar year.

Mike Holtz Sets New Cash Record at 2023 WSOP

Tournament Directors Association Conference a complete success

Tournament Directors Association Conference a comp...

An important meeting of the Latin American poker world took place in São Paulo on Monday. The Association of Tournament Directors of Poker (ADTP) held a meeting at the WTC Sheraton to review and standardize the TDA (Tournament Directors Association) rules across the region, and the event was a huge success. Devanir Campos, known as DC and one of the agency’s founders, expressed his delight at the results.

Nearly 200 representatives of our industry were in attendance.

“We’re very pleased with the turnout”, celebrated the Brazilian poker standout. “There were close to 130 attendees for this session. We opened up 160 seats and it filled quickly. We were able to accommodate about 30 people, for a total of close to 200 attendees.” The presence of several Latin American poker representatives attested to this The continuous development of a spiritual movement.

Tournament Directors Association Conference a comp...

Does the 2023 WSOP reflect the new poker boom?

Does the 2023 WSOP reflect the new poker boom?

Poker is not dead! The historic WSOP 2023 has just come to an end, and it reflects the industry’s recent revival Over the years, its popularity has waxed and waned, but The strong>World Series of Poker is an iconic festival that defines the discipline, and 2023 shows a bright future.

Poker has seen a resurrection in popularity in recent years, partly due to the pandemic and the impact of online rooms that allow people from all over the world to play the game from the comfort of their own homes, This greatly expanded the player base and reignited interest in the game. One sign is the creation of a flood of new websites and applications.

New Players, New Boom

On the other hand, one of the highlights of WSOP 2023 is the huge participation of players, many of whom are relatively young and come from different professions. It also seems to be popular with younger generations, as they view the game as a combination of skills, strategy and even technology.

In this edition, another phenomenon may be: being seen, which is increasing attention from media and companies looking to capitalize on this moment in the industry. The WSOP saw extensive media coverage and new sponsorship deals with brands, emphasizing the commercial benefits of the event.

For all these reasons one could argue that the world’s largest poker festival is a reliable indicator of the so-called “second boom”. The combination of online access and legalization in different countries creates a favorable environment for the further development of poker in the near future. If this trend continues, it could become a dominant force in entertainment and psychosports.

Does the 2023 WSOP reflect the new poker boom?

Ethan Yau exposes $450,000 scam

Ethan Yau exposes 'investment guru' $450,000 scam,...

Ethan Yau, “RampagePoker,” is used to playing big money in high-stakes tournaments and cash games. He is a real phenomenon with over 250,000 followers on his YouTube channel and other social networks. Because the stakes are high, Ethan always faces the risk of winning and losing money when playing poker.

A win at Rampage brought him a lot of joy, but in the end it brought him a lot of sadness. When he won the $25,000 Wynn High Roller and raised $894,000, Dustin Aab, an influencer with a consulting firm and 1.4 million Instagram followers, approached Ethan with an investment opportunity.

Rampage takes about $450,000 and leased it to Dustin Aab. Since then, however, he hasn’t even received an installment payment, which is now more than five months overdue. With only one month left on his contract, Ethan decided to announce the news to alert the entire community.

“I’m tired of this silence. Details of the call: Dustin Aab has drawn down a personal loan from me and owes me over $450,000. Installments / per Monthly payments have not been paid for 5 months and we have 1 month remaining on our contract. I can’t say this person is trustworthy, more details coming soon,” he said on his Twitter account.

Ethan is furious over the printouts and recordings, including the exchange of messages with Dustin Abramovich. During a conversation between the two, Rampage asked Dustin about the reason for the ban, calling him “immature” because he didn’t want to settle the dispute. Dustin sent a reply via audio, which read:

“Hey, I’m not holding you back, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if you want to take this.” Get on social media, like me Seen in your stories and started calling me a liar. I’ll show you the imposter, man. Take my word for it and I’ll tell you about the imposter. Do you want to start playing and unravel this game? “I can’t wait to get mad and blame myself for something bad? We can play this game, man,” Aab ​​said.

Several popular players commented on Ethan Yau’s post. One of them was Nik Airball, who revealed that Dustin tried unsuccessfully to “borrow” $1 million. Tony Dunst wishes Rampage good luck and supports his lawsuit against Dustin Aab. Mundo Poker will follow the story.

Ethan Yau exposes 'investment guru' $450,000 scam,...

Juan Maceiras takes the lead in the WSOP Main Event

Juan Maceiras takes the lead in the WSOP Main Even...

The player defeated in the WSOP Main Event was Spain’s Juan Maceiras. At the end of Day 7, the pro from the city of A Coruña led the 15 qualifiers with 108,000,000 chips (approximately 135 BBS).

The closest thing to CL is Adam Walton. He was in charge of yesterday’s final knockout, his second deep match in the Main Event. In 2021, the American dropped out of contention with a 42nd-place finish.

Among other qualifiers, no one has delved deeper into live MTTs than Toby Lewis. The Brit is a former EPT and Aussie Millions winner with earnings of $8,213,474.

Jan-Peter Jachtmann and Daniel Weinman were the only two players on the field to wear the coveted gold bracelets. Wayman also has his name on the WPT’s Mike Sexton Trophy twice.

Play will resume at 18:00 (BST) and may be short as the organization is expected to coincide with the formation of the FT. The blinds are 400,000/800,000 and the ante is BB. Check chip count:

Table 1

First place: Ruslan Prydryk (Ukraine) 45,750,000

Second place: Joshua Payne (USA) 31,000,000

Third place: Jan-Peter Jachtmann (Germany) 70,775,000

Fourth place: Alec Torelli (USA) 14,275,000

Sixth place : Juan Maceiras (Spain) 108,000,000

Seventh place: Jose Aguilera (Spain) 37,600,000

Eighth place: Daniel Weinman (USA) 21,750.000

Ninth place: Sachin Joshi (Great Britain). ) 27,775,000

Table 2

1st place: Steven Jones (USA) 67,900,000

2nd place: Daniel Holzner (Italy ) 14,750,000

Third place: Jack O’Neill (UK) 11,700,000

Fourth place: Cong Pham (USA) 8,700,000

Fifth place: Dean Hutchison (UK) ) 17,500,000

Sixth place: Adam Walton (USA) 75,475,000

Ninth place: Toby Lewis (UK) 50,050,000

Award Ceremony

1 . $12,100,000

2. $6,500,000

3. $4,000,000

4. $3,000,000

5. $2,400,000

6. $1,850,000

7. $1,425,000

8. $1,250,000

9. $900,000

10-11 $700,000

12-13 $535,000

14-15 $430,200

Juan Maceiras takes the lead in the WSOP Main Even...

Daniel Araújo é vice do Wednesday Double Stack $150

Daniel Araújo é vice do Wednesday Double Stack $15...

During a lukewarm period for the Brazilian, Daniel Araujo managed to come out on top of the GGPoker feel. The “NegaodaBL” account holder knocked out $150 in Wednesday’s two-stack heads-up for $10,612 in his bankroll.

Later, “so3betboa” scoured 2,096 entries for $44 in bonus 40 chips. He won a total of $8,341.

In the $32.10 Bounty King Jr, “Gamblitz” was the winner. He won $6,408.

Team Pro Douglas Ferreira, Dowgh Santos also won. In the $108 Big Antes bounty, Aces of Baixada Santista took home $5,609 after eliminating 303 players.

“OBlefador” took gold and $5,415 in SUPER SIX $64.50.

Daniel Araújo é vice do Wednesday Double Stack $15...

Fabiano Kovalski and Carlos Rox Battle for $1 Million at Wynn

$1M Fabiano Kovalski and Carlos Henrique enter Wyn...

Many Brazilians are chasing glory in Las Vegas, especially at the WSOP. However, some people also take advantage of other tournament series at other casinos to try their luck. That’s what Fabiano Kovalski and Carlos Henrique (or “Carlos.Rox”) did when they entered the main event of the Wynn Summer Classic.

The $3,500 buy-in, $4,000 guaranteed contest attracted a huge number of entries, with 2,231 entrants, but now only 45 entrants are vying for the million-dollar prize. That included Fabiano Kovalski, who had 1,980,000 in chips on Day 3.

Learn More: Five WSOP FTs, Wynn Champions & $3.6 Million in Profits: Chance Kornuth is on the Rise, Shining in Las Vegas Summer

Carlos Henrique, partner and coach of the CardRoom Poker team and owner of one of the biggest chip stacks in the qualifiers, still has 1,575.000 chips. Day three chip leader was James Crawley-Boevey with 5,780,000 in chips.

The game will resume this Saturday at 16:00 (Brasilia time). The blinds are back at 30,000/60,000 and the blind stakes are high. The prize pool is expected to be $25,997. The future champion will leave the millionaire with $1,002,768 in his pocket.

$1M Fabiano Kovalski and Carlos Henrique enter Wyn...

Event 59 WSOP 2023: Nacho Barbero vs. Héctor Giménez ITM

WSOP 2023: Nacho Barbero and Héctor Jiménez ITM in...

Two new Argentinian cash prizes have been added to the WSOP 2023 event thanks to Nacho Barbero and Héctor Giménez winning cash in Event #59.

The $3,000 tournament is a no-limit hold’em freeze. A total of 1,598 players took part for $4,266,660 in prize money. Winners include Fabrizio Gonzalez 🇺🇾 (No. 62 – $11,672), Jorge Hou 🇵🇦 (No. 130 – $6,015) and Christian Roberts 🇻🇪 (No. 233 – $4,812 dollars).

Héctor Giménez 🇦🇷 was eliminated in 186th place, earning $5,263. It was his second cash prize in Las Vegas after finishing 162nd at the 2018 Wynn event for $3,054.

Nacho Barbero 🇦 🇷 finished 111th and took u$s 6,499 for his sixth WSOP 2023 cash, his other finishes were: 14th in Event #5 ($6,220), 24th in Event #25 ($17,9 $23), 36th in Event #37 ($12,807), 30th in Event #52 ($12,807), 30th in Event #52 ($12,807, $12,807). 5,086), and 458 in Game 53 ($5,539).

What happened here? (Easy wrong answer 🤪) #Poker #WSOP #LasVegas

– Jose Ignacio Barbero (@nacho_barbero) ) June 24, 2023

More #WS OP2023 news:

  • Schedule
  • Equize el Vialaret 81st in Event #4
  • Nacho Barbero 14th in Event #5
  • Latinos cash in Event #3 Mystery Millions
  • Steven Thompson4th in Event 3
  • Ezequiel Vialaret, Hugo Nazar and Mario Lopez cash in Event 11
  • Maximiliano Gallardo30th in Event 12
  • See all the Argentine winners in Event 18 Gladiator
  • Andres KornEvent #19
  • Nacho Barbero24th in Event #25
  • Seven Argentines cashed in Event #26
  • Johann Ibañez2nd in Event #32
  • Ariel MantelITM in Event #35
  • Korn, Barbero and Gonzalez Amorosino cashed in.
  • Nicolás Betbesé is the Argentinian of Monster Stack
  • Leo Fernandez is the Argentinian Champion in Event #44
  • Diego Acquila in Event #46
  • Alejandro LococoEvent #4 7th of 9
  • Brian Rast Poker Players Championship 50K Triple Crown
  • Nacho Barbero 30th of Event #52
  • Latin Cashes in Event #53
  • Argentine ITM Cashes in Seniors Tournament
  • Argentinian Cashes in Event #56
  • Lucas Lew 12th in Event 56


WSOP 2023: Nacho Barbero and Héctor Jiménez ITM in...

Brian Rast tested the Englishman with heavy bravado and accepted the hero’s call. listen

Brian Rast tests Ryan O'Donnell with insane bravad...

WSOP The final table of the $25,000 High Roller Series 16 was a stellar one. So it’s only natural to expect big wins from a PokerGO live stream. In Hand 9, Brian Rast and Ryan O’Donnell stopped the hand with brilliant bluffs and better hero calls.

The hand was played with the blinds at 80,000 / 160,000 and started with a Rast raise of 320,000 in chips. The match was hosted by O’Donnell, a well-known regular in online heads-up poker, who was in the big blind and part of the defense. At this point, the Briton had the fourth-largest chip stack among the nine players at the final table.

The flop came and gave Ryan top pair. In position and the first attacker, Rast c-bets for 300,000 and calls. So, the turn is the , completing the player’s second pair in the big blind. Brian was quick to act. Within seconds, he grabbed a handful of chips and bet a massive 850,000 chips.

O’Donnell nothing Didn’t do it and called a second time. The board ends with possibly the hardest hand: . The possible flush is done and now only the Q makes the straight. With 3,180,000 in the middle of the pot, Rast quickly unleashed a 2,500,000-chip bomb again.

Ryan was a total of 3,370,000 behind, meaning he missed the call. With 870,000 left in his stack, he will be the short stack with 5.5 big blinds. After much deliberation, O’Donnell finally found the right hero call, and he couldn’t be happier with the success. The American from Brazil finished seventh ($202,532) with a hand injury. The British player finished second for a whopping $1,049,577.

Check the bets:

Great bluff, call is even better. @tsarrast bluffed a triple barrel, but Ryan O’Donnell found two pair and called.

📺 – Only nine players left in the $25,000 High Roller, you can watch it here:

– PokerGO (@PokerGO) June 8, 2023

Brian Rast tests Ryan O'Donnell with insane bravad...

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