Production Stills

DMP On set Photo's

These are a collection of production stills from the set of Dead Man's Party. We hope you enjoy them. And if not, then we would rather not hear about it.

Carissa Kosta as herself.

Shon Little looking caught. Adam throwing gang signs. Markus with big headphones.

Jeremy Guskin is not sure he picked the right flowers.

Adam Grimes thinking.

Carissa and Jeremy in bed together.

Michael Turner setting up a shot.

Adam Grimes in motion.

Julie Mitchell posing in character.

Seth Marstrand and Carissa Kosta like each other.

Carl Lundstrom looking pretty in peach.

Markus and Jay look at some actor with a lot of concern.

Michael Turner pretending to have fun.

Carl shirtless as usual. Carissa pretending she's reading the script.

Carl posing off camera.

Julie and Carissa loving each other.

Carl, Markus, Jeremy and Adam take a photo for a prop.

Shon and Michael work hard.

Adam Grimes and Jeremy Guskin play to cool down after a fist fight.

Carissa looking adorable between takes.

Sunset on set.

Julie Mitchell and Shon Little contemplating the world's thoughts.

Michael, Adam, Jay Aaseng, and Shon do all the work.

Michael, Shon, Jay and Adam try to look serious.

Rick Beatty questions his judgement in doing this film. Michael gets tall.

Our poster designed by the incredible Eric von Steuben.

Genevieve Garner does some awesome make up on Rick.

Rick comes to life while Genevieve and Michael ignore him.

Two dead guys walk into a bar...Rick and Markus are their names.

Jeremy, Carissa, Carl, Julie and Adam - the gang's all here.

The Sun playing himself.

Michael says, "It's this big." Jay is not so sure.

Markus in make-up. Julie looking uncomfortable.

Markus Baldwin in character.

Michael and Markus shoot a tracking shot - with no track.

Carl volunteers for slate duty.

Markus points out the Ocean to Michael.

Markus, Adam and Jeremy toast after a long day of shooting. Jeremy did not.

Watching shots.

Markus looks happy about what's in his hand.

Not a bad location.