Here are musicians who have very generously contributed their talent to our movie.

The Hillbilly Hellcats

I found the Hillbilly Hellcats when our editor, Karen, did an internet search for our title, Dead Man’s Party. This band has a song of the same name which we loved and wanted to use. After contacting one of the band members, Lance Bakemeyer, our admiration grew. I love their entire catalogue. Their contribution and generosity has been overwhelming. These guys are some talented musicians. Please check out their music on the links below.

Hillbilly Hellcats MySpace

The MissioNaries

And what can I say about the MissioNaries. I grew up in a tiny town in Oklahoma and followed these guys around like the Dead. When I think of my childhood their music somehow always sneaks its way in to my psyche. The MissioNaries still play from time to time and if you are in the Northeastern Oklahoma/Southwestern Missouri area their show is an incredible way to spend an evening. These guys are amazing musicians who still do what they love and have merged their talents in to other projects and bands. Below are their links.

Greg Krutsinger (guitar/vocals)
Jacque Garoutte (bass/vocals)
Michael Goettel (drums)


Eric von Steuben

And on to Mr. VonSteuben. I’ve known Eric for almost ten years now and wouldn’t trade his friendship for the world. Well, maybe I would trade it for the world and an otter pop. Because otter pops are awesome. Anyway, the point is, he has been a great friend to me over the years and is an extremely talented musician. A link to his music is below. Check it out.

Eric VonSteuben (guitar/vocals)


Raymond Schnurr

Raymond Schnurr We met Raymond Schnurr through our Associate Producer Shon Little. And we are so grateful to have him aboard . He is amazing. Ray scores Shon and Julie’s web series Betty & DD among many other projects. So if you are someone in need of a score for your project, then Ray is your man. Check out his website. The link is listed below.

Raymond Schnurr (composer)