Jay Aaseng

Jay Aaseng (Associate Producer) "Jay Aaseng sure seems to be having a good time, doesn't he? From the look on his face, he clearly must think he's some kind of big shot around here. Well, he's in for one hell of a surprise. First thing tomorrow he's gonna find himself laying in the middle of a cactus patch smothered in tar. That oughta shut him up."

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Raymond Schnurr

Raymond Schnurr (Original Score) "Raymond Schnurr exploded on the music scene in 2010. Not much is known about his heritage. Some say he is a cross-breed between a giant German and a gnome due to the odd shape of his head. Raymond is a versatile and well-known composer, with a concentration in gnomatic musical styles. His favorite movies are Gnomeo and Juliet and The Coneheads. Raymond has three wives, one for each brain, and is a proud father of 13 children, 8 of which form the well-known folk band, The Points.

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Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell (Unit Production Manager) COLIN CAMPBELL has written, directed, or produced shows for NBC, Spike TV, The History Channel, G4, Food Network, The Travel Channel's World Poker Tour, SoapNet, and E!. He was a writer and producer for the syndicated shows EXTRA and National Enquirer's Uncovered, and has won both a Los Angeles-area Emmy™ award and a Golden Mike award for his work in television news. For fun, Colin takes classes at L.A.'s Groundlings Comedy Theater. He specializes in writing for show hosts; during his career, Colin has worked with talents ranging from an Academy Award™ winner to a former Playboy Playmate... and made them all appear smart, funny, clever and likeable on TV. Colin is a member of the Directors Guild of America.

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Michael Turner

Michael Turner (Director of Photography) After graduating high school on time, Turner packed his 88 Buick Regal and set out to make movies in California. Of course he was not alone; his elder brother accompanied him sharing his life experiences of the year and a half difference. Together they begun to make a series of short films in which the elder brother was the director and Turner was the director of photography... and that's how it came to be.

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Seth Marstrand

Seth Marstrand (Boom Operator/Sound) After attending Woodstock in 1969 Seth disappeared from the public eye only to resurface twice. Once to replenish his stock on Dr. Pepper and the other to run sound for the up coming hit feature "Dead Man's Party."

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Eric von Stueben Eric von Stueben (Music & Art Design) Eric was born, is currently living his life, and will one day go on to burn rainforests and destroy whole continents. (Somehow without spilling his martini...)
Karen Hillhouse Karen Christine Marie Fodrea Hillhouse (The Third) (Editor/Titles) began her career in this business of show as a child actor playing herself in the classic TV Special, "Frosty, the Snowman." You may also recall seeing her in several appearances as the Little Red-Headed Girl in the well-loved Peanuts specials. Since then her life has gone the way of most animated child actors, straight to the pages of Heavy Metal. After being left on the cutting room floor (literally) of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", she decided to go into editing. Even after being arrested twice for indecency, she still hasn't properly grasped "flash animation", but she thoroughly enjoys doing this "bullshit" and coloring with all 64 colors in the box.