Tatum Adair

Tatum Adair (Mrs. Pincher) This is the most unflattering picture of Tatum the producers of this movie could find. It's not fair.

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Markus Baldwin

Markus Baldwin (Ben/Director/Writer) Markus enjoys punching clowns and picking up chicks (the good kind). He's been successful at both since 1983.

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Richard Beatty

Richard Beatty (Reggie) "Richard enjoys many things, just to name a few."

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Adam Grimes

Adam Grimes (Zach) Raised in a small Village in the early 1800's, Adam's childhood was one of fierce determination and fortitude in the face of a nightmarish demonic presence that kept the local community at bay and far removed from the world at large. That is, until one day, when a young girl escaped and realized they were just on a modern day nature preserve with a big wall around it. After his emancipation, he became an actor. He would like to thank his mom and brother for always being there for him and take this moment to apologize for a sobriety balance issue that inexplicably and persistently confuses his past with M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village."

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Jeremy Guskin

Jeremy Guskin (Max) Jeremy Guskin a classically trained Chekhovian actor, is being asked to write this under duress. He is fairly certain his captors cannot read English and this plea for assistance will go unnoticed. If you are reading this in any form of print right now, call MI5. This Taiwanese sweatshop version of film making must not go unpunished. Help me. Mr. Guskin is also the voice of Sergeant Lawyer, M.D. on the Lifetime cartoon mini-series "Rape Ward".

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Carissa Kosta

Carissa Kosta (Sara) Carissa knows you did it.

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Shon Little

Shon Little (Mr. Pincher/Associate Producer) Shon Little comes from a long line of tree-dwellers and currently lives in a dynamite crape myrtle. His home is made primarily of PVC pipe and particleboard and he only comes out to gather food, act in low-budget feature films and tease children. Career highlights include "Guy Falls Through Window Standing On Exercise Ball" on YouTube and "Shocked Resident" interviewed for the KTLA News Story "Stripper Set On Fire". Shon has a degree in Fahrenheit that he thinks is ideal for snail farming and has an idea for an art/sport that combines karaoke with paintball. In his free time he participates in famous chess-match reenactments.

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Carl Lundstrom

Carl Lundstrom (Mitch) Born to Augustus and Mildred Lundstrom, Carl "Frik" Lundstrom, was destined to play a role outside his father's illustrious business of dairy farming. By the age of 5, his parents realized he had an affinity toward the piano and by the age of 10, he was a prodigy playing with some of the best orchestras in the U.S. After completing his studies at Julliard and going on to play with the London Symphony Orchestra, Frik realized he had reached the pinnacle of his career as a concert pianist, and had to find new challenges to keep his creative juices flowing. After a number of years playing keyboards in '80s hair bands, Frik realized this was not on the creative path he wanted to take. Ditching the piano for more creative pursuits, he found the art of acting to be a perfect fit. Enrolling in the Actors Studio, he knew performing on the Great White Way was the creative force he needed to fuel his demanding needs. Within two years he was cast as the lead in such great off-off-off Broadway plays as "Punching Bag," "Stella," and "My Dad was a Sales Guy." Still unsatisfied, Frik set his sights on Hollywood. Again, thrown back to obscurity as a nobody in Hollywood, Frik fought back with a single minded focus toward his goal, and within a mere 10 years realized his dreams were coming to fruition. First cast in such fantastic projects as the legendary Leonard Bellafontaine's "Ab Crusher" infomercial, and in Todd Warner's "Solana Beach Marriott" project, Frik was well on his way. Knowing he had so much more to give, one late night (after too many cheap vodkas), he met his new "Prefontaine" in director Markus Baldwin. After numerous unfulfilled attempts at collaborating on projects, they finally came upon the most perfect role--from the most perfect screenplay--Mitch Beauche in "Dead's Mans Party."

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Julie Mitchell

Julie Mitchell (Jill/Executive Producer) Julie was born to parents in Texas. She then proceeded to grow up there. She liked growing up. Now she likes being an adult and taking pictures in front of painted flower paintings to symbolize her inevitable "flowering" followed by a slow "dropping of petals" and eventual "death". She produced "Dead Man's Party" with her husband, Markus. He cast her as the mean girl. She was offended until he explained, "No one can play this role as bitchy as you can." That compliment sealed the deal! Julie has her family and friends to thank for being able to play this role so truthfully.

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