I have loved B horror movies since the early 80’s. My wife, Julie Mitchell, suggested that I write one of my own. So I wrote four amazingly hilarious comedy-horror screenplays that we couldn’t shoot ourselves because they had numerous locations and/or large casts and/or special effects. We had no budget for those kinds of scripts. Seriously who has the money to fly an entire cast and crew to the Appalachian mountains for a month and who can build me a mechanical dog that eats children for fourteen dollars?

      So I joked to my buddy, Frik (aka Carl Lundstom), that if I had one location that I really liked then I would write a script around it. Frik said, "Can you use a beach house?" And I said, "%@*$ yes. " And two weeks later Dead Man’s Party was born.

      Everyone in the cast and crew is a friend that Julie and I have worked with in the past. We are lucky to have such talented and good friends on board with us. A big thanks to them and to everyone who made our dream of making a movie into a reality.

      Our production company, NonHip Pictures, has produced several shorts and co-produces the web series Betty and DD.

      We’re in preproduction for our next film, another comedy-horror, currently titled Get Dead.

— Markus Baldwin